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Mobile dolly hoists

What is the most important characteristic of any UD jack installations, is their unsurpassed reliability. Compactness, loading capacity, factory quality and the best prices – here are those major factors which make our jacks the market leaders for lifting trams, subway cars, buses and bolster-type tractors.  Electromechanical (screw) hoists, which were constructed on «Kubanzheldormash» more than 50 years ago, have still successfully operated across all Russia and the countries of the former USSR, most effectively coping with a problem of raising transport for routine maintenance or major repair. Since then hoists UD for trams, buses and lorries has undergone deep modernisation – they have been the hydraulic dolly with wheels from polyurethane, the reducer was moved upward for the purpose of economy of the place in repair shops, technical characteristics have been cardinally improved, the design has changed as well.

Durability of jacks for subway cars, trams and trucks which are made by the plant «Kubanzheldormash» is explained by several factors:

  • we are not a fabless firm;
  • total control of electromechanical jacks production at all production phases;
  • use of the qualitative checked materials and utility;
  • 100% test of each jack before final packing;
  • constant back-coupling with our clients. Our engineers make a set-off in each guarantee case domiciliary to find out the reasons of failure. Over the last 10 years, we have made more than six design changes which allowed us to compete on equal terms with the German producers of screw hoists for subway and lorries, buses and trams.

Today on the market of lifting equipment for motor and railway transport it is possible to note complete dominance of the equipment by joint-stock company «Kubanzheldormash». The plant has gone to that for 80 years, constantly updating a line of stationary and mobile jacks. All this time, only one has remained invariable – reliability of jack installations of the City of Armavir.

Today the enterprise offers three types of stationary and roller-type jacks  for lifting rail buses, trolleybuses, cargo cars, cars and subway rolling stock, electric trains, trams.

For adjustment of production cycle, Russian and foreign representatives of cross-sectional institutions were invited. Our partners first of all noted the ideal organisation of the work cycle. It has managed to be reached thanks to competent adjusting that also has positively told on working hours, and, therefore, on production value as well.

The most popular models of hoists for subway and road-rail buses, trams and trolleybuses, bolster-type tractors and buses:

  • jack installation UD-32 (4 jacks 8 tons each) is ideal for lifting trams and trolleybuses, buses and bolster-type tractors. At the expense of the built-in hydraulic dolly jacks can easily be rolled to any kind of transport in the necessary place in service station or depot. Also, UD-32 hoists lift wheel and caterpillar vehicles, articulated buses, articulated transit buses, uniform systems of coaches by Siemens, Alstom, Bombardier and other producers and so on.
  • jack installation UD-60 (4 jacks 15 tons each) is ideal for service and repair of light cars and freight cars, cars of subway and suburban electric trains, road-rail buses. Installation can consist of both 4 and 36 jacks synchronously to hoist all rolling stock. UD-60 hoists for light rail transport and for subway are multiple-purpose thanks to loading capacity in 60 tons, practically everything which is situated in a repair shop, a transport shop, a collector or a depot – any limber connection, metro leading cars and intermediate metro cars, metro hand cars, modern straight-through metro rolling stocks, small track cars, cars and gondolas – can be hoisted by them.

UD-32 and UD-60 hoists specification

Hoist model



Package lifting power, 4 pieces, tons 32 60
Lifting power of 1 jack, tons 8 15
Mass per jack nonmetering oil, kg 405 785
Lifting height, cm 180 180
Type of drive electric motor reduction gear
Voltage rating, V 380
Rated frequency, hz 50
Emergency stop push button each jack has it


We can deliver you jack installations, which consist of 4, 6 or 8 jacks so that it is the most effective to use them when repairing vehicles. Our jacks can be used both indoors (special configuration) and outdoors. Jack installations UD-32 and UD-60 are mobile, compact, thanks to the built-in wheels they are easily moved into a maintenance department that gives additional convenience. And what is the most important, is that jack installations UD-32 and UD-60 made by «Kubanzheldormash» mean free access to a vehicle’s bottom at the maximum safety of personnel. With us you can keep thinking of repair quality while the tram, the car or the cargo tractor are staying airborne.

Electric bottle jacks’ popularity for transport is caused by several reasons – they are simple in service, safe, at their compact sizes, they have the high lifting capacity, they are mobile, provide low electricity bill and are durable. We deliver jack installations of the UD series worldwide – Italy, Argentine, Chile, Peru, Pakistan, Syria, Mongolia, Spain, Turkmenistan, the Ukraine, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria and so on

Advantages of UD-32 and UD-60 screw hoists are apparent:

  • 80 years of experience in production of lifting equipment, jacks and hoists;
  • complete production cycle, from billet till package;
  • no cottage industry in manufacture quality;
  • 18 stages of active and passive security, riskless correct exploitation;
  • low electricity bill thanks to minimal dragging in the screw-and-nut couple;
  • equipping of control cabinets with Schneider Electric (France), ABB (Switzerland) and Moeller (Germany) goods;
  • the best low prices by the manufacturing plant;
  • always in stock;
  • shipping all over Russia and the Eurasian Customs Union member states;
  • fast spare parts delivery;
  • 100% backup service and kind support forever after.

To order heavy duty lifts, please contact Sales Department on phone:
+ 7 (988) 652-53-78 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) or send an official request by e-mail: info@zheldormash.com