Portable Tamping Machine SHPVD

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Safe. Efficient. Light

The SHPVD is extremely light, self-contained ballast vibration tamping machine with an ideally designed centre of balance for comfortable handling. This compact manual vertical tamper produces quick and accurate lasting track bed.

The SHPVD is specifically designed for track ballast vibration operations. It’s suited for spot maintenance whilst protecting ballast & sleepers. We produce petrol tamping units SHPVD for many years and now it’s one of the best offers for quality manual tamping in the world.


  • lightweight and efficient
  • high tamping capacity
  • less stress for ballast and sleepers
  • the highest efficiency in transferring oscillation energy from vibrator to ballast
  • sets ballast in motion
  • one-man operation with manual feed
  • low level of vibration and noise
  • low “hand & arm” vibration for operator comfort
  • reduced maintenance costs

PRICE 2000$

Kubanzheldormash is one of the leading manufacturers of manual tamping units for railways. We produce electrical SHPVE-2M and petrol engine-driven vertical tampers SHPVD for ballast over 40 years. Our vertical tampers is worldwide professional’s choice in ballast tamping for local works.

Tamping Machine model SHPVD

Technical data

Parameter name


Vertical tamper SHPVD
Engine Petrol air-cooled 4-stroke engine
Output 1.2 kW at 7000 rpm
Tip vibration frequency under load 95 Hz
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 400х400×1200
Weight 19 kg

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video: Portable Self-Contained Ballast Vibration Tamping Machine model SHPVD

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