Universal hydraulic jacks DGU-10, DG-25, DG-50, DG-100, DG-150, DG-200, DG-500

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   Universal hydraulic jack DG is designed for construction, repair, assembly and dismantling works. Professional hydraulic jacks allow to securely and smoothly raise and lower all kinds of goods and loads both with a single jack and within the system of simultaneous lifting which is often used in such kind of industries as heavy engineering,  gas, oil pipelines laying,  bridges construction.

With technical progress, hydraulic jacks of various lifting capacity became one of the most popular lifting equipment on a par with gantry cranes. Hydraulic jacks have truly fantastic power in comparison with their small size, they are reliable and easy to maintain.

JSC «Kubanzheldormash» is one of the major manufacturers of hydraulic lifting jacks for the industrial purpose. Powerful jacks with a hydraulic drive are widely used during installation of heavy industrial machines, equipment, turbines, reactors and structures.

Operation principles of hydraulic jacks

The main operation principle of any hydraulic jack is based on the idea that the pump creates pressure of working liquid which is pushing the plunger(piston) and due to this process the load is being lifted. If it is necessary to lower the load, just open the pressure relief valve and hydraulic oil will flow back into the oil tank. Lifting capacity of heavy hydraulic jacks varies from 25 to 500 tons depending on heaviness of construction which is needed to lift.

Among other advantages of hydraulic jacks are the use of incompressible hydraulic oil and high-effective ratio of significant loading capacity and minor force at the handle of the hydraulic pump. Besides the smoothness of the work stroke and compact design, all hydraulic jacks have a fairly high efficiency coefficient.

Field of use and operation features

The construction and overall dimensions of hydraulic jacks allow to move the jacks inside the construction site without any difficulty. The field of use can be quite various. Sufficient lifting height and mobility of all kinds of hydraulic jacks make them universal means of lifting loads with different sizes and weight.
   Universal hydraulic jack DGU-10 is intended for lifting rail-sleeper lattice during the maintenance and reconstruction of the railway track. It can work as a jack and as a rail flattener, it also can be used in all planes. That is why this jack is so popular among installers, rescuers and builders. It is often used for moving equipment, smoothing out dents and bending metal-roll. This jack has become an indispensable instrument at construction sites, during installation and dismantling works, rescue operations. Compact design, weight of 20 kg and 10 tons stroke power made this tool an ideal decision for lifting various loads and flattening various thick and rigid metal structures. Also compact design with built-in pump allows to use the universal hydraulic jack DGU-10 in cramped conditions.

   Hydraulic jack DG-25 due to its simple and reliable construction as well as its compactness and low weight of 25 kg is optimally suitable for industrial and construction operations. Lifting capacity of the jack DG-25 is 25 tons, which gives a lot of opportunities for solving various tasks. Built-in shaft of hydro pump is manual, which allows to use it in small spaces. As any other hydraulic jack of our production, DG-25 is equipped with a safety valve which protects it from overloads.

   Hydraulic jack DG-50 is among jacks with built-in hydro shaft. This jack should be considered as an optimal decision by its «compactness / load» ratio. Most often this jack is bought for repairing agricultural and road building machinery as well as for construction of roads and railways.

   Hydraulic jacks DG-100 and DG-200 are the golden mean between general industrial jacks with lifting capacity of 10, 15, 20, 50 tons and real heavyweights for special needs with lifting capacity 300,400 and 500 tons. Hydraulic jacks DG-100 and DG-200 with lifting capacity 100 and 200 tons are mostly used by oil and gas industries, who are laying large diameter pipes. Also these jacks have great popularity among bridge builders who are building and repairing various bridge structures, gateways, viaducts, overpasses, and so on.

   Hydraulic jacks DG-300, DG-400, DG-500 are industrial heavy jacks with high lifting capacity for solving narrowly specialized tasks. Work with such kind of powerful jacks implies the presence of knowledge in hydraulics, because this is really high pressure, which creates an enormous force. Jacks with lifting capacity 300, 400 and 500 tons are truly industrial jacks for professionals, who are engaged in construction of large and complex structures. All the models of jacks have two built-in safety valves,one in the head end and the second one in the rod end.

Benefits of universal hydraulic jacks by JSC «Kubanzheldormash»:

  • Possibility to use jacks in remote locations without need of power supply;
  • Reliable built-in hydro system;
  • Powerful built-in and remote pumping stations;
  • Riffled surface of the rod head prevents the slipping of loads;
  • Low factory prices;
  • Use of modern sealing materials;
  • Use of only structural steel brands;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service;
  • The best quality / price ratio;
  • Always in stock;
  • Our plant is ready to fulfill prompt delivery at any time and place.
  • The price of a jack includes the built-in pump or remote pumping station(depending on the model) ;
  • The prices of hydraulic jacks depend on the model, options and the size of delivery;
  • The plant warranty for any hydraulic jack and a pumping station is one year;
  • Hydraulic fluid and transport services are not included in the price;
  • All the jacks can be used for horizontal relocation of heavy loads and objects;
  • Jacks of DG series are complected with floating supports which significantly reduce pressure at the rod;

PRICE DG-25 480$
PRICE DG-50 800$

Main customers of hydraulic jacks historically are coal, oil, gas, metallurgy, energy and petrochemistry industries as well as bridge builders, trackmen, special construction and rescue services.

Technical specifications of hydraulic jacks:


Lifting capacity, tons

Working stroke, mm

Weight, kg

Overall dimensions, mm

Pump type


















































Hydraulic jacks from Russian manufacturer

JSC «Kubanzheldormash» is the main Russian developer and manufacturer of hydraulic jacks at the territory of former USSR. Our enterprise produces a wide range of hydraulic jacks for the purposes of general industry which are widely used in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Countries of BRICS. Our own design department, powerful industrial base and qualified personnel allow us not only to be the leader in Russia in production of reliable and high-quality hydraulic jacks for professionals but also to constantly expand range of our products, adapting to the demands of our customers.

It is also worth to pay attention to the fact that we are using the most modern equipment for producing hydraulic jacks: Machining centers Mazak(Japan), superprecision grinding machines Studer(Switzerland), heat treatment by the equipment Nabertherm(Germany), this all guaranties high quality of hydraulic jacks, their reliability and durability. During the manufacture of our hydraulic jacks we are using exceptionally high quality components and materials.

Each jack passes final tests before packaging. If you are interested in smoothness of the work, precise control of the lifting height, the hydraulic jacks by JSC «Kubanzheldormash» will be the best choice for you.

   If you have decided to order or purchase professional hydraulic jacks at the best prices directly from the manufacturer, please contact Sales Department on phone:
+ 7 (988) 652-53-78 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) or send an official request by e-mail: info@zheldormash.com