The construction of the new building under heat treatment technologies

In full swing construction of the building for the new heat treatment shop. The new industrial furnaces of steel will be equipped with motorized bathrooms and heat treatment machines by Nabertherm (Germany). Also new shop for heat treatment will be equipped by new crane Demag 5 tons and versatile instrument Zwick / Roell ZHU 250 for the optical determination of the Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell and Knoop hardness.

Kubanzheldormash is one of the largest heat treatment suppliers in Russia and Eastern Europe. We have swiss Codere system 250 and universal german Nabertherm ovens. We supply large variety of heat treatment processes in Russia – Carburizing, Hardening, Tempering, Annealing, Austempering, Nitriding, Brazing, Carbonitriding, Sintering, Nitrocarburizing, Oxinitriding and quenching in Salt, water or oil.