KZDM today



   KZDM is one of the oldest machine-building companies in the South of Russia which has a wide production range based on a wide range of modern mechanized railway track tools for construction, repair and current maintenance of railways.

   In addition to railway tools the plant manufactures agricultural machinery, lifting and transport equipment, road and construction equipment, machine tools and unique equipment according to customer drawings.

   KZDM has its history since 1933. Despite the respectable age (in 2021 the plant celebrated its 88th anniversary) – it is a modern, actively upgrading company.

   The main products manufactured by KZDM is a full range of modern models of railway track manual and powered tools:

  • hydraulic, rack and pinion railroad jacks;
  • jacks for lifting railroad vehicles;
  • track hydraulic spreaders, straighteners;
  • rail-drilling, rail-cutting machines;
  • grinding machines;
  • tamping machines with electric and petrol engines;
  • railroad track wrenches, screw wrenches, screwdrivers;
  • track measuring tools.

   The company is continuously developing new products that meet modern technological requirements for the construction and maintenance of railroad tracks.