Sales office / official dealership and sales of our products in regions and other countries     Armavir railway engineering plant KZDM offers cooperation to design organizations and institutes, intermediary firms, as well as potential dealers in Russia and the countries of the former USSR. We are always happy to meet and discuss the details and conditions for the sale of our products with intermediary organizations, individual entrepreneurs and private individuals. Mutually beneficial terms of cooperation, dealership agreements and competent execution of agency services are negotiated exclusively in the negotiation process.     We offer attractive financial conditions for everyone who is ready and can promote the products of our company in new markets or in existing business processes. We are always open for cooperation with companies that know the market and can profitably represent our products in the regions both in the countries of the former USSR and in foreign countries. Production of pilot models of new equipment, introduction of new unique engineering products     We are always open for design and research institutes, for design bureaus and engineering centers, for designers of “freelancers”, rationalizers and simply “Kulibins” who invented or came up with an original and interesting solution, but don’t know where to make a prototype or a batch parts / assemblies / units for testing. We are always happy to cooperate with rationalizers and thinking designers who are able to create or design new unique equipment that will have demand in the market. We are ready to help not only make a prototype, but also bring it to mass production.     Our factory is one of the most equipped machine-building enterprises in Russia, and we are always interested in exploring new technological solutions in the most diverse sectors of the national economy, which can have a wide sales market. In addition to introducing into mass production, we will also provide services for patenting new products.     We are interested not only in the search for ideas for new equipment, but also in the manufacture of spare parts for already demanded equipment on the market, which are needed in large quantities. We can do any spare parts both according to the drawings, and according to the model. If you have a need for the manufacture of spare parts, or in the medium-sized production of spare parts, we are open for dialogue.     For cooperation with our enterprises and product promotion, please contact the factory marketing department by phone: +7 (86137) 5-45-96, for procurement issues, call the supply department +7 (86137) 5-45-83, for other issues +7 (86137) 6-08-00 or write to