Fulfillment of a responsible task – production of track power wrenches GP 1000!

The assembly shop of the plant is rapidly assembling the GP-1000 power wrench, which are so necessary on the Russian railways. In the process of developing the future design of the power wrench, our engineers took into account all the main technical requirements of our main customer – Russian Railways: – increased torque up to 1000 Nm; – the weight of the wrench with a trolley is not more than 115 kg; – the design of the power wrench provides a unit for precise adjustment of the tightening torque, which allows you to visually control the torque; – two speeds of rotation of the spindle – to select the optimal modes of operation during tightening and loosening; – balancing the centre of gravity of the nut runner excludes the appearance of a reactive moment on the operator’s handles and allows manipulations without great physical effort; – LED lighting of the working area for work in the dark. Just like a few decades ago, so now, we are faced with a responsible task – to produce high-quality equipment and ship it on time! And we will definitely fulfil this task!