Work on a German measuring machine

In the central factory laboratory, the second stage of training on working with the Carl Zeiss Accura measuring machine (Germany) has been started. A distinctive feature of the ACCURA measuring machine is the high accuracy of all measurements of the geometric dimensions of parts of complex shape, the location of the surfaces of the elements of the parts, the determination of shape deviations, for example, when turning metal to order. Ideal accuracy is ensured by the use of multi-sensor technology based on MASS technology. Active scanning using VAST technology and an automatic sensor change system increases flexibility and productivity when taking measurements of size and position shape. Where high measurement speed and high accuracy are required, for example, in the serial production of parts according to customer drawings at our factory, spare parts for cars, instrumentation and machine tool parts, the ACCURA portal coordinate measuring machine (CMM) manufactured by Carl Zeiss shows excellent operational results even under changing ambient temperature conditions.