Krasnodar region

Krasnodar region is located in the South of Russia, in the Western high-mountain part of Grand Caucasus at Kuban-Priazovie lowland area. From the South-West the region is washed by the Black sea, from the North-West – by Azov sea and Kerchensky strait. Its territory hosts several international transportation corridors, as well as shortest land, water and air communications between European, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries.

Krasnodar region is one of most economically developed in Russia, enjoying advanced infrastructure. The regional economics is based on favorable natural and climatic conditions, comprising generous agricultural territories, deposits, nonmetallic constructional materials, as well as recreation resources. Such economic advantages as profitable location and developed infrastructure promote the growth of investments, as well as of the industrial production. So far serious firms from different countries have made solid investments in the regional economics, including world renowned French, German and British consortiums.

The region occupies the leading position in the agricultural section of Russia. The industry of the region, implementing programs of the economic and social development, is based on more than five thousand large-, medium- and small-scale business enterprises, with a huge share of the transport machine building. The considerable volume of production forces of Krasnodar region is composed from the industrial, construction, fuel and energy complex, information and communication technologies, as well as agricultural, transport, research & recreation and tourist complexes.

Krasnodar region has also got very high foreign economic importance for Russia. It hosts largest oil, industrial and agricultural terminals of the country.

The construction of sites and infrastructure in Sochi for Olympics 2014 gave a new impulse to the already dynamic developing economics of the country. New enterprises have been built in almost all cities, providing for the creation of material and technical resources for such world event.
Krasnodar region is of highest strategic importance for Russia due to unique natural and climatic conditions, enormous economic potential and developed industrial complex.

City of Armavir

Аrmavir is located on Kuban river, 200 km from Krasnodar. The city was founded in 1839 as the settlement of cherkesogays (Mountain Armenians, who had been in flight from Circassians and asked Russian troops for protection).

Due to its favorable location at the end of 19th century Armavir became one of key trading, industrial, agricultural units of the Northern Caucasus.
When Vladikavkaz railway was transferred through Armavir in 1875 with ongoing connection with Armavir-Tuapse road, that has drastically boosted its development. As a result Armavir became a large railway unit.

In the second half of the XXth century the city became one of leaders of the Russian machine building industry. Many world countries are familiar with the diversified production under the brand of Armavir enterprises.

During last years Armavir economics demonstrates intensive development. Large-scale industrial enterprises are successfully functioning in the territory of Armavir, many of them are unique in all-Russian scales. The city is among key regional and Russian centers of the railway machine building.

Nowadays Armavir, located at the cross-section of several transport mains, is one of most economically and industrially developed cities of Krasnodar region. In Kuban economics Armavir gives 7,5% of the gross regional product and 5% of the industrial production. The investment potential of Armavir is well known far beyond Krasnodar region and the Russian Federation.