KZDM Company is a permanently developing machinery building plant, where industry and economics are always going side by side. The financial block of the enterprise plays the main role in the selection of the strategy for future years, because, in the long run, the stable position of the plant depends not only on the fruitful work of the marketing department, but also on the expert planning of financial capabilities.

It should be highlighted that KZDM is a wholly Russian company, whose shareholders invest all profit in the enterprise infrastructure, in the personnel training, in the up-to-date precision cnc machines, in the production line diversification.

According to the development strategy of KZDM 2013-2020 every day the plant implements highly important projects, within which frames the inner plant infrastructure will be fully replaced, new production networks and the engineering building with chemical and sand laboratories will be built, new metal processing technologies will be implemented.

In 2014 the global reconstruction of the casting workshop will take place, financed in cooperation with our long term partner – Sberbank leasing. Within frames of the increasing of the own power electricity block capacity from 2100 kW tо 3600 kW, in 2014 we plan to purchase a new gas engine generator GE Jenbacher J420GS (USА /Austria). This project is to be financed jointly with VTB Leasing.

Since 1935, KZDM Company has been always scrupulously observing undertaken obligations. If your intention is to securely place free funds on terms of mutual benefit, we are always eager to meet and to discuss mutual collaboration. We know how to manage funds and we duly perform all terms and agreements, with us the investments become profitable and vitally interesting, as every our Partner can come and personally make sure that invested funds really do work.
On all financial matters you can contact the first deputy general director – Mrs. Tertyshnkova Natalia,

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