Non-ferrous castings

Non-ferrous castings

Phrase “non-ferrous metals” is often heard, meanwhile not everyone knows what metals are meant. These metals are called non-ferrous metals as a counter to ferrous metals: iron, chromium, manganese and all their alloys, for example steel and cast iron. Non-ferrous metals are all those materials that are “born” not of iron, including precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. KZDM offers aluminium, bronze and brass casting, ‘top seller’ non-ferrous metals.

Application of non-ferrous castings

Non-ferrous castings is used throughout in shipbuilding, aircraft industry, motor vehicle industry, electronic engineering. Brass, for example, can be easily formed, not only while casting stage but after it as well, so it is used for high-precision parts and spare parts manufacturing. Brass is of several types that are better suited for certain tasks, but all types are widely used in the motor vehicle industry.

Bronze is sightly and durable, easily processed, ductile enough. Bronze cast ability is high, so it can be formed in many shapes. Bronze casting is used in motor vehicle industry and electronic engineering, as it is valued for its good conductivity.

All non-ferrous metals also have one common application- aesthetical. Art castings have recently become more and more popular, demand for beautiful and durable fence, emblems or other decorative elements is growing year by year. Bronze and brass are ideal for art castings and are very popular.

Non-ferrous metals composition

Brass is a complex alloy of copper and zinc, other elements are often added. The metal is very soft, so it’s suitable for casting. Bronze is melted of tin and copper, but there are also mixtures of aluminium, lead, beryllium, and other metals. Bronze is harder than copper, it was the smelting of this material at the time that gave an incalculable impact for smelting industry development.

Non-ferrous metals advantages

All and each non-ferrous metal have many advantages. The most significant is visual appeal, which allows casting of these materials to be used as an original setting element or as an art object. The surface of these metals is smooth and has smooth to the touch texture, so they are often used as a facing material.

Non-ferrous metals are divided into expensive, such as bronze and brass, and cheap, such as aluminium. Use of certain materials is able to show the status of the organization, which ordered, for example, bronze or brass office sign plates. Using cheaper metals, such as aluminium, may support to reduce cost at non-critical areas.

In addition to the external advantages, non-ferrous metals have useful properties for electrical engineering and motor vehicle industry. They are sufficiently fluid, so the casting of these metals is done without complications; rejected material hazard is significantly reduced. These materials are durable, elastic and malleable; they can be used as parts for precision machines and systems. Typically, bronze, brass, and aluminum are not corrodible and therefore do not require special handling or care.

Non-ferrous metals have excellent electrical conductivity;it determined their widespread use in electrical engineering. Usually this area uses aluminium, but in case you need more tuff material other metals are chosen.

Non-ferrous industry

There are many common and several unique castings types for each non-ferrous metal. Bronze and brass are smelted in the old-fashioned way in induction, reflective and electric furnaces.

Non-ferrous castings order

If you want to order a non-ferrous castings, whether you want to create an art object or a cunning machine part, then KZDM is looking forward to hearing from you. We have our own metal workshop, so that all processes are done beneath the same roof, we do not subcontract smelting and casting to third-party companies. We cast various metals and have been produced equipment for the railway for several decades, so we are huge and unique experience. We always check casting quality prior to shipment to the customer, not allowing a rejected material, so we can ensure high quality of our products.

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