Steel casting

Steel castings, customized steel castings production

Prices of steel castings are inclusive of VAT, not including pattern equipment production cost and shipping. Cost calculating of each steel casting batch and steel founding is made individually and after receiving an official request and product drawings. Each order is calculated individually, the price of steel castings is formed depending on the grade of steel, castings complexity and volume of order.

87 years of experience and traditions in foundry production! High-quality cast steel at low prices from proven sire

For eighty years our company produces steel, iron and non-ferrous castings for own needs and for dozens of machine-building and instrument-making enterprises of the South and Central parts of Russia. Since the Soviet period, we are the official supplier of castings made of steel 20L, 25L, 30L, 35L and 45L for many factories in Russia, totally we produce up to 500 tons of usable steel castings a month.

Kubanzheldormash operates in three shifts all year round. Working with us, you get a stable and reliable supplier of steel castings and complex castings of alloys for further processing. In case of need, we also provide services of steel and various alloys castings machining according to customer drawings. With a huge park of metal cutting equipment (over 300 machines), our company carries out a rough grinding and processing, as well as turning, milling and grinding work of any complexity, which allows our customers to feel confident in the modern market rapidly changing conditions.

Modern industry cannot do without large-lot manufacture founding technologies of blank parts and steel details due to the economic benefit of high quality castings production with required complex configuration. Production of details with steel casting technology costs much cheaper than mill products machining. Steel castings according to the Customer’s drawings is the mass production core technology of rolls, hollow bars, body structures, axle boxes, bushes, etc.

Today steel casting is the key for profitable prices of finished products, which is an important factor in competition on the domestic market and in direct competition with major production companies from all round the world. Production of steel castings according to Customer’s drawings allows receiving of blanks and finished parts serially, which cannot be produced by metal deformation or milling. Also, production of steel castings using casting technology is much cheaper than long-term and expensive metal working milling.

Steel goods production choice of technology is developed based on the casting weight, chemical composition (carbon content), required quantity of castings per month, certain size requirements (allowances) and technological processes characteristics in a particular foundry. These factors have a significant influence on the selling prices of steel castings.

Steel castings scope of application

Kubanzheldormash offers services for the production of steel blanks of various alloys for enterprises of all forms of ownership. We produce steel castings for JSCo “RZD”, OAO “Gazprom”,”NK” Rosneft JCS, for many engineering companies that produce machine components and assemblies for petroleum, power and chemical industries. Also, recently we ship a lot of steel casting for companies that service the agricultural complex.

Technological opportunities of enterprise allow receiving a steel founding of steel grades 25L-45L according to GOST 977-88. Castings weight is from 5 to 2000 kg.

Production technology of steel castings at the “Kubanzheldormash” JSC

Our factory steel castings production is carried out in several ways, one is the production of steel castings using sand-clay molds. Molds are the moistened mixture of sand with gluing additives. Casting-form is made by molding sand mixture mechanical compacting by flaskless method. This method of small castings production is the most common and economical. With this technology we provide production of small steel castings with weight of 1 kg and quantity up to 500 pcs.

The following method is steel casting in cold-hardening mixture. This technology of foundry steel castings production allows receiving blanks and details of complex shape with a clean surface. This method uses dry sand and binder chemical ingredients as molding sand mixture that harden quickly when adding catalyst additives. The price of steel castings in this case is much higher than the cost of sand casting, but the end result in the form of accurate and high-quality castings covers all costs.

Melting compartment of our foundry consists of two electric arc furnaces DSP-3, which able to produce all kinds of steel castings. Manufacture of steel casting is a unique process in which finished products get uniform structure in all parts of the casting, which makes it easier to obtain minimum size mass and structure weight to meet the required mechanical properties. Thus produced steel castings have excellent resistance to deformation. Steel castings have excellent economic benefits, they allow minimizing of machining. This happens due to the fact that casting has a configuration and dimensions maximum close to the finished product. Production of cast steel has excellent weldability, which allows receiving the combined parts of the cast and welded components.

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You do not know where to order steel castings according to the drawings? “Kubanzheldormash” Only!

For many decades, our factory is a reliable supplier of steel castings for companies of different industries. We do not work with single-piece orders, our foundry capacities are designed for serial production of simple and complex steel castings. Sales geography of steel castings has no borders; our steel casting can be found from Kaliningrad to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, India. Our plant logistics department ships steel casting in a 20-ton railway containers and in open cars, own transport department is able to deliver goods to anywhere in the central part of Russia within 48 hours. Many of our customers ship castings ex factory.

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Steel castings on a by-order basis from “Kubanzheldormash” JSC is:

  • eight decades of experience in the foundry business;
  • high quality and great service durability of steel castings of any geometry;
  • professional staff – steelworkers, molders, coremakers, fettlers, chemical engineers, cutters, steelworkers, casting technicians, pour men, model makers and many others, all foundry specialists are people who have huge experience in the foundry of steel and iron;
  • manufacturing the shortest time of pattern equipment and production preparation;
  • Flexible pricing and competitive prices;
  • favourable conditions for regular customers;
  • 100% quality control using modern detection;
  • own chemical and land laboratory;
  • own pattern making by engraving miller Mecanumeric MecaPlus 4121X2 (France) with a work desk 4000×2000 mm and Z-axis travel- 500 mm!
  • continuous operation in three shifts;
  • International Certificate ISO9001;
  • delivery anywhere in Russia and the countries of the Customs Union.
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Production of steel castings

Production of steel castings on a by-order basis is churned out, so we always ship on time high quality steel castings under the contracts. To place an order for the steel castings production according to the drawings at low prices, you can contact the marketing department of the plant: + 7 (988) 652-53-78 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) or send an official request by e-mail: