Subcontract CNC Turning

Russian subconctract turning supplier, turning operations to customer’s drawings in Russia

Turning is a mechanical treatment of external and internal surfaces of cylindrical and conical bodies of revolution by cutting. By turning treatment usually involve turning of (surface treatment), boring (surface finish), trimming, cutting, chamfering processing fillets, nicking, cutting or threading on lathes of various types and modifications. Turning technology is one of the oldest technologies of metal processing; while throughout history turning metal works still remain the most popular type of work in the production of parts, components and assemblies for equipment for industrial use.

non-ferrous casting

We offer our customers large variety of turning processing technologies. Parts and pieces can be done manually in traditional way (continuous supervision by the operator) or by using hi-speed automated MAZAK lathes. Today the most widespread type of such automation is CNC or Computer Numerical Control.

Kubanzheldormash Co. is the leading turning processes supplier in Russia; we have more than three hundreds of engineering and instrument-making companies as regular customers in Russian Federation. We make turning of metal parts of any complexity and any size. You can rely on us, we are really stable, trustworthy and trouble proof partner in metalworking cooperation in Russia. Our company has large subcontract experience in turning and milling metalworking with European and Asian customers.

Over 80 years our company provides services for turning blanks of steel and iron on customer’s drawings. Three mechanical workshops of our company can produce tens of thousands of items per month. We carry out any turning operations on the metal lathe on order. Kubanzheldormash has a wide range of modern metalworking universal and CNC machines equipment that allows us to promptly and without marriage provide our customers with quality items (steel or iron parts) according to the technical documentation. We produce a complete list of turning operations, which are in demand on the market:

  • precision machining pieces and parts on cycle-controlled and CNC lathes;
  • production of unique single items as modelled and plans and sketches of the customer on engine and servo engine lathes;
  • monthly production of medium-and high-volume parts;
  • we make all the processing of metal surfaces: the outer and inner conical surfaces, the outer and inner cylindrical surfaces, end surfaces, contoured surfaces;
  • we produce all processing operations of holes: hole boring, drilling, reaming holes, deployment of holes, wrapping corrugations, cutting internal and external threads.

We are always open for mutually beneficial cooperation. We accept for consideration ready written NC programs, drawings on paper or three-dimensional (3D) models of CAD systems such as Artcam, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, CATIA, AutoCad, Inventor, Compass 3D, T-Flex and so on. We are also considering the possibility of treatment of bodies of revolution with sketches by hand or over the sample. If you do not have ready-made drawings, then for an additional fee, we can do a drawing in a convenient format.

Our machinery equipment

Three mechanical workshops of our factory are equipped with a variety of metalworking machines for turning and milling processing of almost any size and quantity. From the common universal machines Weiler (German) and RSZ (Russia) with continuous supervision by the operator to high performance multi-purpose CNC machining centers Integrex and Multiplex by Yamazaki Mazak Corp. (Japan).

Three metalworking shops on the area of 6000 sq.m. have a wide range of machining equipment for turning and milling – universal screw-cutting lathes, lathe machining centers for complex and critical parts. Large fleet of machines for turning allows us to select the optimum solution for clients machining parts and pieces. Our customers work with us for decades because cooperation allows them to minimize the cost of their products. Also, placement of turning orders on our factory, allows many of our partners do not bear the costs for the purchase of expensive equipment and the maintenance of a large staff of expensive specialists.

Turning miniature parts with long workpieces up to 30 mm and a diameter of 5 mm is carried out on multi-spindle machines.

We have accumulated vast experience in the field of metalworking and guarantee our customers the highest grade of accuracy in the processing of both roughing and finishing details when performing turning operations. Stable company, 250 lathes and professional stuff, new equipment and one of the best reference laboratories in Russia, all of this allows us to be one of the largest suppliers of finished turning and milling parts in Russia.

Technical capacities of turning operations by Kubanzheldormash Co.

We work with all metals – any grade of steel (rolling and casting), structural steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium and its alloys, titanium, brass, bronze and so on. We accept orders for turning and milling not only finished pieces but also we can offer own stockpiling production. We have our own powerful blank production, equipped with German Kasto bandsaws with a maximum diameter of the workpiece cutting up to 600 mm.

Large fleet of turning machines and CNC lathes allows us to perform the processing of any complexity, we can handle both standard parts bushings, flanges, axles, shafts, rollers and complex body of revolution with a unique geometry.

At present, our technological capabilities allow processing parts with the following characteristics:

  • maximum length of workpieces up to 5000 mm;
  • maximum diameter of workpieces up to 1000 mm;
  • maximum weight of workpiece up to 2500 kg;
  • turning accuracy up to grade 6.

During the turning operations, we use the mobile and immobile lunettes, rotating centers for high precision manufacturing. Also, our turners and controllers use measuring tools by Mitutoyo (Japan) and Mahr (Germany). We attach great importance to the quality of manufactured metal items. Continuous quality control at each operation does not allow the defective part to get to the customers. If necessary, our tool shop will make the necessary arrangements for the serial production of parts of any complexity. Original and accurate “devices” for lathes provide unique opportunities for the production of high-quality internal and external machining of cylindrical, conical and shaped parts. In addition, the good parts and lathe experience possible to raise the quality of turning operations to a whole new level of efficiency and productivity. Cutting internal and external threads, reaming, cutting and processing ends blanks, turning slots and grooves, deployment of holes, all this we will do for you in the shortest possible time with maximum accuracy!

Where to place the order for turning work in Russia? The conclusion is obvious – Kubanzheldormash!

We perform both one-time orders for small batches and large-scale party details on the target annual program for flow lines and assembly plants. A small number of items from 1 to 50 units, we pass to the manufacturer in the tool shop, and the cost of treatment is much higher. We also offer turnkey manufacturing of parts, you can order us not only turning, but also cast steel, cast iron, non-ferrous casting, forging works, grinding and milling works, heat treatment and electroplating.

токарная обработка

Standard price for turning operations in Russia – 10 Euros per hour. This price is for simple turning subcontract operations, complex hard turning on CNC lathes on many axles is more expensive. We are open for discussing prices, don’t hesitate to contact us.

This pricing rate does not include shipping costs. The exact cost is calculated based on the size of the workpiece, the number of parts per week or month, the materials used and the complexity of treatment. The price also depends on factors such as the scope of delivery, payment terms, subcontracting or factory and so on.

Order lathe work items at a low price from the real manufacturer without intermediaries you can by calling to Sales department on phone: + 7 (988) 652-53-78 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) or send an official request by e-mail: