Disk harrows «Rumba», production of disk harrows

Production of disk harrows «Rumba»

Trailing and mounted disc harrows (disk headers) «Rumba», two disc row harrows

Plant «Kubanzheldormash» is the main manufacturer of disc harrows in Russia and in the countries of the former Soviet Union, our harrows for disk harrowing make it possible to effectively cultivate the soil, chop crop residues, chop perennial grasses, fallow and virgin lands. Disk harrows «Rumba» are designed for loosening the soil, destruction of weeds, grinding and embedding of crop residues. They are made in two-row, three-row and four-row versions. The original design of the harrow provides floating and forced modes of penetration of the working bodies. It is possible to change the approach angle of the working bodies in the range from 0 to 250. The distance between the disks (not less than 27 cm) is the maximum allowable convergence to avoid clogging the space between the disks. Harrow has spring-loaded rollers, each of which can be adjusted as the depth, and increasing/reducing the pressure on the agricultural background. The frame design provides a copy of the relief of each section of the disk harrow.

We produce:

  • all types and kinds of disc harrows for tillage, working width from 1 to 6 meters
  • depth of cultivation from 4 to 15 cm
  • optional press wheel of different configuration (slatted, spiral or spiral-shaped, slatted-spiral, serrated, combined, single row, tandem, etc.)
  • for tractors with power from 40 to 560 hp.

The advantages of disc harrow «Rumba» produced by «Kubanzheldormash»

  • The strength of the frame structure, which is achieved not only by proper engineering calculations of the pipe section, but also by the use of high-strength steel 09G2S
  • The whole design of the harrow “Rumba” is designed and manufactured to minimize the power and vibration load on the units of traction equipment
  • Convenient and easy adjustment of the depth of tillage and disk approach angle
  • Each disk is mounted on a separate rack, which avoids winding plant residues on the working bodies
  • Wear-resistant cast racks of the own production
  • Unsurpassed durability of the bearing unit and its maintainability with increased nut М27
  • The use of discs of own production, which uses a double sharpening of the blade, which makes it possible to grind plant residues effectively
  • The ability to hot swap a single drive or rack directly in the field
  • The quality of the painting of the entire structure, individual components and assemblies
  • Increased inter-row space of 900 mm on four-row harrows, which allows avoiding clogging of the working bodies in wet and clogged areas
  • Guarantee for disk harrows «Rumba» – 24 months from the date of commissioning
  • Easy maintenance and maintainability in field conditions
  • Copying of relief due to the original design of the harrow
  • Convenient lubrication of attachment points to the frame through the provided lubricator, which eliminates the possibility of «sticking» with timely maintenance

Interminable controversy: disc harrow or pre-plant cultivator?

Design of disc harrow, transportation of disc harrow

Disk harrows «Rumba» have a simple and reliable design, which facilitates the maintenance of harrows in the field conditions. Powerful reinforced frame with a margin of safety, made of structural steel is manufactured using the most modern welding equipment and materials. We use only the most modern welding equipment Kemppi (Finland) and ESAB (Sweden). The design of the disk harrow can already be considered as established, it is not much different from different manufacturers. Smooth, often toothed BMD disks «Romashka», collected in the battery, located at an angle to the direction of movement of the unit. When moving the harrow, the disks begin to rotate and crash into the layers of the soil, thereby starting to loosen, mix and roll the soil aside. When they change the disk approach angle, they can adjust the depth of cultivation. On disc harrows «Rumba», the depth of processing is easily and affordably adjustable. An important distinction of our harrows is the fact that each working body can be quickly replaced; even the mechanic himself can do this, it is enough to have a spare disk and a metalworking tool. All materials used in the manufacture of disc harrows in our company, have quality certificates and are in-plant input control using the most modern laboratory equipment, which allows doing metallography, measure the physical and mechanical properties, to conduct spectral and chemical analysis of the metal structure. Disk harrow «Rumba» has a hydraulic system (fittings, quick connects, high-pressure hoses, hydraulic cylinders) which ensures its folding into the transport position.

Folding scheme «butterfly» is the most convenient and effective for transportation when folded. The arrangement of the rollers eliminates «fail patches» when working harrows on any agricultural background. In the folding harrow, the half-wings redistribute the load at the expense of the spacer spring mounted on the frame. Due to these technical solutions, the harrow works perfectly both on «dips» and on «hills» (with vertical differences). Adjustment of the depth of processing is done by the lanyard (optionally, the lanyard can be replaced with a hydraulic cylinder), rollers and changes in disk approach angle (in the case of work without rollers). Harrows of the Rumba series ideally, with an accuracy of up to 5 mm for the full width of the grip, keep the geometry at the expense of the design developed by us. The harrow in its class refers to the average, since the load on the working body is 85 kg.

The use of disc harrows in agriculture, the right choice of harrows, the necessary options, maintenance, reviews

When choosing a disk harrow, it is necessary to understand for what purposes it will be used, on what soil and in what modes to use, what results are expected from tillage. Today in tillage, disc harrows are used in three cases – shallow treatment (pre-plant treatment to a depth of 6-7 cm and peeling after cereals), medium-deep treatment (mixing, grinding and cutting of plant mass and weeds to a depth of 7 to 14 cm) and deep treatment (mixing, grinding and cutting of many weeds and plant mass to a depth of 7 to 20 cm). For all types of tillage, different types of tools are used, which differ from each other in such parameters as the diameter and thickness of the disk, the shape of the disk, the type of attachment to the supporting frame, the type of location, the disk approach angle, the presence of different types of rollers, the width of the harrow, the row and so on. For peeling stubble after cereals it makes no sense to buy expensive and productive heavy disc harrows, for these tasks it is quite easy harrow. 

A very important criterion when choosing a disk harrow is the working width.

 It is very important to take into account not only the technical characteristics of your traction equipment, but also the area that you are going to handle. In such cases, standard data are usually taken into account, but all farms have different soil and climatic conditions, different requirements for cultivation, so always consider your personal experience and the experience of your colleagues in the region. The easiest choice is listed here:

  • Farms up to 500 Ha – optimal working width from 2.4 to 4.2 meters
  • Farms up to 1000 Ha – optimal width from 5.2 to 8.2 meters
  • Farms from 1000 to 1,500 Ha – optimal width from 8.2 to 10.2 meters
  • Farms from 1500 Ha – optimal width from 10.2 to 14.2 meters.

Important! The main error in the operation of disk harrows

 Disc harrow is an agricultural tool that can do almost anything in the field, except turn in place in a working position; when working bodies are immersed in soil, only straight-line movement is allowed. To make a U-turning the harrow it must be moved to the transport position. Unfortunately, such an error with pressure for the production capacity occurs in machine operators very often, which leads to increased load on the frame, to wear of the working bodies and bearings, to the failure of the rollers. Excess speed affects negatively. If you want the disc harrow to operate long and without breakdowns, try to adhere to the optimal speed of disking-12-14 km/h Also, one should always bear in mind that disc harrows are not suitable for working on stony soils, since the blades are very quickly destroyed (break off). 

Disk harrows «Rumba»

Machine-building plant «Kubanzheldormash» is not only «Made in Russia», it is also «Served in Russia». There are no «stuck at customs», no «the euro has risen, we recalculate the prices», no sanctions and world conjuncture! With us, you can safely engage in high-quality tillage, with us there will be no jumps in prices, that can distract you from thinking about agriculture. Soil preparation and quality sowing – the basis for high yields. Our main task is that our equipment not only facilitates the work of our clients, but also makes them richer!

The experience of our company in the creation of complex and demanding technology, allows creating disc harrows with widths from 1 to 14 meters, the quality of which meets modern standards of quality!

  • Our factory has 85 years of history behind it. With us, you can be confident in the future, that we will always come in case of problems, or we will quickly supply spare parts!
  • Own CFL (Central factory laboratory) with metrological and chemical laboratories which allow carrying out the maximum quality control at all stages of production;
  • Full production cycle, from foundry and forging and procurement workshops to packaging and shipping;
  • Direct deliveries of metal from metallurgical plants that allows us to keep the most competitive prices in the Russian market for agricultural machinery;
  • Disc harrows from the manufacturer are fair prices, stable quality, warranty and post-warranty service!


Model range of disc harrows «Rumba»

Disk harrows «Rumba»

Small disc

Model range of disc harrows “Rumba”

Parameter 2,4Х2НК 5X2PNK-S
Capture width, mm 2400 5600
Processing depth, cm fifteen fifteen
Working speed, km / h 10-12 10-12
Transport speed, km / h 20 20
Tractor power, h.p. from 80 from 220
Productivity per hour, ha / h 2.4-2.9 5.6-6.7
Number of sections, pcs. 1 2
Number of working bodies, pcs. sixteen 40
Distance between discs, mm 285 270
Distance between rows, mm 900 900
Roller diameter, mm 400 535
Weight, kg 1100 4350
Overall dimensions in working position (LxWxH), mm 2140х2430х1435 5700х5950х1300
Overall dimensions in transport position (LxWxH), mm 5700х3100х3550
Aggregation type hinged semi-mounted
Implement type one-piece folding

These tables (click on the links to get them) are for informational purposes only. Each harrow is made only after official coordination of all parameters with the Customer – working width, type of frame, type of gearing, number of rows, number of working bodies, type of racks, type of rollers and so on. Each machine gets its own unique NUMBER, by which we will track the entire life cycle of the product.

Today, almost any farm should buy a disk harrow for modern and high-quality tillage. The main advantages of using disc harrows in comparison with toothed and mesh are: less traction power of the tractor, high performance, the disk replaces the plowshare and blade, fuel economy, the ability to work on the soil with a high degree of humidity up to 40%, the ability to work with soil hardness up to 4.0 MPa and the amount of crop residues up to 60%, reducing the risk of damage to the frame and workers nodes due to moving obstacles, the same depth of penetration into the soil cover, self-cleaning discs without the use of scrapers.

To buy disk harrows «Rumba», please call our Sales Department:
+ 7 (988) 652-53-78 (WhatsApp, Telegram) or e-mail us: info@zheldormash.com