Clipping machine MMD

The worldwide introduction of high-speed routes forced our engineers to design compact and powerful clipping machine MMD for serving fastclips FC / FE / FCx fastclips. This complex small railway track device is suitable for fastclips and clips on sites where a high throughput is required.

Rail fastenings clipping machine MMD is efficient and reliable solution to mount and dismount fastclip elements in 90-degree angle towards the rail. The MMD is universal and can be used for applying and removing all types – FC/FCA/FE/FCx fastclips, used with all 1435 or 1520 mm gauge standard rails mounted on biblock or monoblock concrete sleepers.


  • effortless handling and fast insertion and extraction of fastclips
  • clips up to 20 sleepers per minute
  • quick and easy switching assembly/disassembly without switching the tools
  • special trolley on wheels which allows working on both tracks without removing;
  • high-performance hydraulic system
  • excellent view of the working zone
  • ergonomic and robust frame with proper positioned centre of gravity
  • one-man operation with manual feed
  • the best quality/price ratio in the global railway market

Technical data

Parameter name


Pandrol clipping machine MMD
Drive Air-cooled 4-stroke petrol engine
Output 4.8 kW at 3800 rpm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1580 x 750 x 1040 mm
Transverse travelling gear weight ~35 kg
Total machine weight ~143 kg

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suitable for Pandrol FC Clip

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