Rail stressor R700

Hydraulic rail stressor R700 is designed to adjust the gaps between rail ends for rail stressing, rail welding and installing insulated joints. Rail tensor R700 is the best way in track maintenance to stress and keep rails in neutral length during welding. It’s sometimes used for repairing rail failures.
Track modular hydraulic rail stressor by KZDM is powerful and efficient solution with many design and technological innovations.


  • 2 operators can assemble and disassemble the rail tensor in a few minutes
  • lightweight device with maximum weight of the heaviest component about 32 kg
  • obstructionless design allows trains to keep running over installed stressor
  • rail vehicles can pass over when the stressor is mounted on the rails
  • no tools required for installation
  • suitable for all types of rails
  • engine or manual hydraulic pump on request

Technical data

Parameter name


Max.pulling/pushing force, kN 700
Travel stroke, mm 400
Dimensions, LxWxH, mm 2435x690x330
Weight of heaviest elements, kg 49
Total weight, kg 310

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R700 hydraulic rail puller

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