Rail stressor, rail tensor KZDM-70

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Kubanzheldormash produces railway stressors for track maintenance. KZDM-70 hydraulic rail tensor is designed to adjust the gap between rail ends for rail stressing, rail welding and for installing insulated joints. Also it’s used for repairing rail failures.
Professional KZDM-70 hydraulic rail stressor is efficient and modern solution with many design and technological innovations. Tensor fully self-contained, hand-blown operating pressure of hydraulic station which supplies the working fluid in the hydraulic tensioner rail.

KZDM-70 hydraulic rail puller

Benefits of KZDM-70 hydraulic rail puller

  • Lightweight device with maximum weight of the heaviest component about 32 kg
  • Rail vehicles can pass over when the stressor is mounted on the rails
  • Quick mounting without tools
  • minimum force on the handle (18 kg) is achieved through the use of precision parts in hydraulic hand pump 
  • Best price for rail stressor in the world from the leading Russian manufacturer of track small machinery
  • PRICE 9000$

KZDM-70 hydraulic rail puller

Technical specification

Parameter name


Model of rail stressor / tensor KZDM-70
Pulling force, kN 700
Pushing force, kN 700
Stroke, mm 400
Operating mode hydraulic hand pump
Weight, kg 310
Dimensions, L/W/H, mm 2435x690x330

How and where you can purchase or order rail tensor ?

Our company manufactures hydraulic rail stressor KZDM-70 for twenty years, so we can offer you lowest price on the world railway market! Best price for professional rail tensor machine depends on options and quantity. For large railway supply we provide significant discounts and individual terms of cooperation. Price of rail hydraulic tensors can also depend on spare parts, package and delivery. Kubanzheldormash Company produces hi-powered and flexible rail stressors, you can always rely on us in professional field of rail pulling.

To order KZDM-70 rail tensor, please contact Sales Department on phone:
+ 7 (988) 652-53-78 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) or send an official request by e-mail: info@zheldormash.com