Hydraulic track flattener GR-16

KZDM is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic track machinery for the requirements of Russian Railways. Our hydraulic track flattener GR-16 is one of the most required tools due to its robust construction, operation simplicity and price-quality ratio. The hydraulic track flattener GR-16 is used for transverse shifting of railway during all types of railway works.

    30 years experience of manufacturing hydraulic track machinery allows us to produce world-class hydraulic flatteners.

Advantages of hydraulic track flattener GR-16

hydraulic track machinery hydraulic track machinery hydraulic track machinery
  • Time-proven, reliable hydraulic system
  • Safety valve protects hydraulic flattener against overload
  • Reliable return spring mechanism of the hydraulic cylinder.
  • Special cleats on the sole of the flattener
  • The highest capacity among manual hydraulic analogues
  • Compact dimensions and low weight
  • Compact design for transportation.
  • Detachable hand lever for easy carrying
  • Great cast construction of the hinged support
  • High-quality sealings made of polymer and composite materials
  • Unified hydraulic assembly which is compatible with all hydraulics tools of our production
  • Perfect manufacturing quality — all the components of the hydraulic system of the rail flattener are processed and formed at the Japanese machining centers MAZAK

Design features of the hydraulic track flattener GR-16

    The hydraulic track flattener consists of a three-section cast hinged support, hydraulic pusher and two-plunger hydraulic pump with a manual drive. When the nominal effort is exceeded the hydraulic track flattener is protected against breakage by the safety valve which is activated during the excessive pressure in a hydraulic system. Thus, hydraulic flattener of the company KZDM is protected against overloads and does not break down.

Technical specifications of the hydraulic track applier GR-16

Parameter name


Rated force on the rod of the hydraulic cylinder, kN (Ton-force) 78,48 (8)
Working stroke of the piston rod, mm 100
Force at the handle of the hydraulic pump during the rated force, N (kgf) 147 (15)
Weight of the hydraulic track flattener with oil(without a removable handle of the hydraulic pump), kg 20
Overall dimensions, mm (L x W x H) 530 x 170 x 425

Technical details are for information only

The full set consists of the hydraulic flattener GR-16, detachable hand lever, operating manual and spare parts (pump element, gasket, rubber seal and sealing rings)

shema: hydraulic rail flatteners

1-body; 2-cylinder; 3- return spring; 4- hydraulic drive; 5- oil tank; 6- breather; 7- handle; 8- bypass valve; 9- safety valve; 10- supporting device; 11-valve stem

Where to buy high quality hydraulic rail flatteners? Of course directly from the manufacturer!

We are a plant, which directly produces hydraulic track machinery, we are always ready to offer our customers the best prices. The price of hydraulic track flatteners depends on the size of the order. Manufacturing capabilities of our company allow us to produce up to 2500 hydraulic track flatteners per month.

Packaging. Hydraulic track flatteners are packed in wooden and carton boxes, 4 pieces in one box.

Delivery details. Hydraulic track flattening devices are always available at our storage and ready for delivery, that is why after signing a contract and making a payment, our logistics department begins the delivery at the most profitable costs. We deliver our production by air, sea and railway transports. If the quantities are small we are able to deliver by transport companies.

hydraulic track flattener

To buy hydraulic track flattener GR-16, please call our Sales Department:
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