Sleepers driving machine SPGR-10

If you need universal, compact and reliable railway tool, here it is sleepers driving machine SPGR-10

Sleepers driving machine is designed for driving and installing wooden or concrete sleepers during railway works and current track maintenance, without prior removing the ballast from the neighbouring tie spaces. In case of using the additional body  is designed for adjusting clearances of all the types of rails.

Construction of the sleepers driving machine SPGR-10 allows to quickly install it on the way and effectively conduct the operations and in case of urgent need instantly to remove from the track by using the emergency valve.

When the nominal effort of the sleepers driving machine is exceeded, the hydraulic track flattener is protected against breakage by the safety valve which is activated during the excessive pressure in a hydraulic system Presence of a safety valve in the construction of all the group of the hydraulic tool “Kubanzheldormash” is one more proof of reliability of our tool.

Benefits of sleepers driving machine SPGR-10 by JSC «Kubanzheldormash»

  • Rigid and compact design
  • Reliable hydraulic pump
  • 100% Manufacturer Warranty and after-sales service
  • Easy handling
  • Perfect manufacturing quality — all the components of the hydraulic system are processed and formed at the Japanese machining centers MAZAK
  • Best prices from the manufacturer
  • Always in stock
  • Failure-free performance in track maintenance and excellent results in comparative tests

Technical specifications of the sleepers driving machine SPGR-10

Parameter name


Maximal effort developed by sleepers driving machine, no less, along hydraulic cylinder axis, kN (Tf)* 122,6 (12,5)
The stroke of the stop, mm no more than -100
Force at the handle of the hydraulic pump during the rated force, N (kgf) 147 (15)
Weight of the rail slippers driving machine with a for adjustment of clearances, kg no more than 45
Overall dimensions, mm 750 х 265 х 675
Mean lifetime, years 4

*applied to sleepers

     The full set consists of sleepers driving machine, detachable hand lever, operating manual, wedge(left and right), emergency valve, stretching body,  rubber seal and sealing rings.

sleepers driving machine

sleepers driving machine

sleepers driving machine

1 – body; 2  – oil tank; 3 – emergency valve; 4 – stop; 5 – tie rod;
6 – step; 7 – roller; 8 – carrier; 9 – wedge; 10 – hydraulic cylinder;
11-handle; 12-bypass valve; 13- cork.

schema of sleepers driving machine

1 – body; 2 – oil tank; 3 – emergency valve;
8-carrier; 9-wedge; 10-hydraulic cylinder; 11 – handle;
12 – bypass valve; 13 – cork; 14-stretching body.

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