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Rail drilling machine RSS designed for drilling holes for track bolts and rail bonds through hardened and unhardened rails of R50, R65 and R75 types.
The RSS drilling machine also has a chamfering function, which increases the strength of the rail metal. After all the procedures, the rail is fully prepared for operation and can be stacked and fastened without any additional processing.

For attachment to the rails, the RSS drilling machine has a special clamp that allows the machine to be securely mounted to different rail sizes. The fixing system is designed for standard rail types, so that the RCC is mounted on the rail extremely tightly, preventing vibration and even more so movement. RSS can be used for drilling drills with a carbide plate, replaceable or welded, and standard high-speed steel drills.

PRICE 2000$

RSS specifications

Name Value
Maximum drill diameter, mm 36
Maximum spindle length, mm 38
Rated rotation frequency, rpm 240 at the first speed, 390 at the second speed
Spindle regular feed, mm/rev 0.0755
Hole drilling duration not more than 100 seconds at the first speed, not more than 60 seconds at the second speed
Size of chamfer, mm*angle (1.5 to 3.0)x45º
Period of chamfering on both sides of the hole not more than 30 seconds
Engine Honda GX-160S ICE
Maximum power at 3600 rpm, kW 4.0
Meantime to failure, hours not less than 100
Lifetime, years not less than 5
Adjusted sound power level, dBA not more than 95
Dry weight, kg 55
Overall dimensions, cm 620x625x520

RSS rail drilling machine from the manufacturer

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