Hydraulic track slewing device RGU-4M

The hydraulic track lifting and slewing machine RGU-4M with energy pump station is designed for horizontal shifting of rails with sleepers or entire track panels. Rail slewing devices with separate pump are used for slewing and aligning of all types of track and turnouts. Powerful and precision slewing, high output and maximum safety make our railway track slewing machine the best moving and levelling solution in track maintenance.

Track alignment machine RGU-4M consists of four horizontal slewing devices operated by engine station with hydraulic pump. Central hydraulic station is connected with slewing devices by hoses. The operation of all slewing and channeling jacks is controlled from the central console.


  • high slewing capacity
  • compact and lightweight design
  • time saving technology, it eliminates usage of crowbars
  • one operator can set up and easily handle all the slewing works
  • special wheels on frame allows moving RGU-4M on rails
  • all working devices can be placed inside the body for easy transportation
  • ability to shift the whole track panelor railroad switch with concrete sleepers

Technical data

Parameter name


Drive type Petrol engine
Slewing operating devices, pc. 4
Slewing force, t 28.5
Hydraulic slew stroke, mm 100
Overall dimensions, mm 940х440х564
Weight, kg 120

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