Bucket for excavators

KZDM manufactures and supplies in series all-welded buckets for common earth works, loading and unloading of bulk materials, for excavation of pits, quarries and digging trenches, which can be operated on different soils, such as clay, sand, etc.

Our factory offers a wide range of buckets for backhoe loaders:

  • JCB
  • Komatsu
  • Hitachi
  • Case
  • Caterpillar
  • New Holland
  • John Deere

Removable mechanisms are manufactured according to the parameters of the particular undercarriage, with highly accurate dimensions of parts and cutting angles.

Our backhoe buckets for loaders are made of high tensile steel. These steels are characterised by sufficiently high strength and hardness, good formability and abrasion resistance, and almost no structural changes during welding.

All buckets are fitted with shackle bolts, which make it easy to change from one bucket to the next.

Bottom liners are used at the factory to reinforce and extend the life of the excavator buckets.

The strengthened bucket is made of wear-resistant steel with a thickness of 6 mm for working with hard soils such as crushed stone, sand and gravel mixture, for digging frozen ground.

The trench bucket is the smallest bucket in both volume and width. It is used for digging trenches, channels, laying pipelines and utilities. One of the advantages of trenching buckets is that they can be used in almost any conditions and hard-to-reach places. It is suitable for working with soils with a density of up to 1.8 t/m³.

Technical data

The strengthened bucket for excavators

Bucket model

KU 305

KU 400

KU 610

KU 800

Width, mm 305 400 610 800
Volume, m³ 0,08 0,12 0,17 0,28
Bucket teeth, pcs. 3 3 4 5
Weight, kg 118 130 150 178

Standard bucket for excavators

Bucket model

KS 305

KS 400

Width, mm 305 400
Volume, m³ 0,08 0,12
Bucket teeth, pcs. 3 3
Weight, kg 98 108

To buy buckets for excavators, please call our Sales Department:

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