Rail Lifting Device

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Manual rail lifting device RP is used to lift the rail when changing pads and spacers between the rail and sleeper on all types of rail fasteners during repair and maintenance of railroad tracks.
The rail lifting hoist has a simple design, it is completely safe during track work and can be removed from the rail in a matter of seconds if necessary.

The handle of the manual rail lifting device is equipped with an automatic locking mechanism that prevents the rail from accidentally falling when passing the «dead point». To return the rail to the sleepers, all you have to do is pull the trigger on the handle and gently lower the rail. It is the locking of the elevated position of the rail that is the main feature of the design.
The use of the rail hoist KZVP.RP reduces the cost of railroad maintenance, because only one person is required to operate it. Besides, our RP is maximally ecological — no harmful emissions into the environment.

The rail elevator can be used on all sections of track, as well as in tunnels, because the handle tilts into the inside of the rail track when lifting the rail.

Technical characteristics of the rail lifting device RP

Parameter name


For rail types Р-50, Р-65
Load capacity, kg, not less 750
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm, not more 1200х380х75
Weight, kg, not more 14

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