Mobile lightweight lifting columns for railway vehicles

KZDM Company is an industry leader in design, manufacture and delivery of lifting equipment for railway depot and workshops. All KZDM jacks are electro-mechanical with lifting screw-nut system. These lifting jack systems are perfectly suitable for high-speed trains, metro and trams.

UD type lifting jacks with fixed or movable anvil is the first-rate universal solution for depot maintenance tasks with all types of not heavy rail vehicles. The UD-32 and UD-60 are used for lifting & lowering individual wagon or complete trains for changing boogies, power packs or wheel sets. We design and build train jacks for hard working in any environment from Africa to Siberia.


  • plain, durable and robust construction
  • retractable or extendable claws
  • easy to move design: compact sizes, weight and excellent manoeuvrability
  • flexibility: the base design and moving claws allow lifting multiple different types of rail vehicles
  • suitable for small work space
  • built-in travel hydraulic dolly on each jack
  • self-locking screw system for operation under the load
  • rail guided version
  • from 4 to 128 synchronized jacks for complete trains lifting
  • the safety and reliability of the PLC system
  • safety, considered the new machine guideline 2006/42/EG and the new European Standard EN 1493:2010

mobile lifting

Technical data

Parameter name UD-32 UD-60
Load capacity, t 32 60
Minimum lowering height, mm 300 500
Maximum lifting height, mm 2000 2400
Dimensions, LxWxH, mm  1205x1065x2615 1550x1230x3330
Weight (4 jacks with control panel without gear oil), kg 2100 5800

Full customization under customer’s preferences and functional requirements. We can design mobile lifting columns under specific parameters to suit your needs or project specifications, for wider or taller vehicles, for extra minimum or maximum height of crossbeam (lifting stroke), various PLC options etc.

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