Hydraulic rail stretcher R-25

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JSC «Kubanzheldormash» has been producing rail stretchers for 25 years and during this time it has gained huge experience in the production of hydraulic track tools for trackmen.

Design features of the rail stretcher R-25

Two hydraulic cylinders serve as connectors of parallel bodies of the rail stretcher R-25.  Battening wedges are located in the middle of the bodies which are moved with special directing. Aluminum oil tank. Which contains  of two-plunger hydro pumps and a safety valve, is attached to the body of the rail stretcher. Removable handle is attached right to the shaft of the hydro pump and through the hole which is protected by the breather; the tank is filled with working fluid. The work of the hydraulic system of the rail stretcher is protected; working fluid is continuously refined with a mesh filter and special magnet. Under the pressure of the oil, piston rods of the rail stretcher diverge and wedges clamp rail heads, moving them apart from each other at the required distance.

Advantages of rail stretcher R-25 by JSC «Kubanzheldormash»:

rail stretcher R-25 rail stretcher R-25 rail stretcher R-25
  • Rigid and compact design
  • Low weight
  • Rugged construction of clamping the rails by wedges
  • Stable reliability during the whole time of exploitation
  • Time-proven quality
  • Fast and safe return stroke after discharging pressure
  • Best prices in the market
  • Prompt delivery of spare parts
  • Easy handling, detachable hand lever
  • Best prices from the manufacturer
  • Reliable hydraulic pump
  • Transporting rollers
  • PRICE 700$

 Technical specifications of rail stretcher R-25

  • Rated force —245,25 kN (25 Ton-force)
  • Working stroke of the piston rod of hydraulic cylinder— 100mm
  • Force at the handle of the hydraulic pump during the rated force —147 N (15 kgf)
  • Weight of the rail stretcher with oil(without a removable handle of the hydraulic pump)— 50 kg

Overall dimensions:

  • With the handle of the hydraulic pump: 600 х 285 х 1110 mm;
  • Without the handle of the hydraulic pump 600 х 285 х 335 mm;

The set consists of the assembled rail stretcher R-25 with the removed handle of the hydropump and with a full oil tank as well as of operating manual, spare parts(safety valve, wedges, pump element, gasket, rubber seal and sealing rings )

shema of the rail stretcher R-25

1— carrier; 2—  bypass valve, 3— hydraulic drive, 4— oil tank; 5— breather(cylinder head vent); 6—- handle;  7—  hydraulic cylinder, 8—  mainbody, 9— additional body, 10— piston rod, 11— battening wedge, 12— safety valve; 13— roller, 14— piston buffer spring.

 Technical maintenance

Technical maintenance is required for any hydraulic device. Specialists point out several types of technical maintenance for rails stretcher R – 25: monthly, seasonal and annual services. The first type of technical maintenance is performed in the beginning and at the end of every working shift and consists of basic operations,  the stretcher is cleaned from dust, dirt, fuels and lubricant oils, then the stretcher undergoes an  external examination for detecting visual damages of the details, weld cracks and other malfunctions. Seasonal service is performed twice a year and the final one is annual. However, the annual technical maintenance is advised to perform in specialized service centers equipped with  necessary testing equipment.

Favorable terms for the purchase of rail stretcher R-25


Being a plant which directly produces hydraulic track machinery, we are always ready to offer  our customers the best prices. The price of rail stretchers depends  on the size of the order. Manufacturing capabilities of our company allow us to produce up to 500 hydraulic rail stretchers per month.


Rail stretchers are packed in wooden and carton boxes, 4 pieces in one box.

Delivery details

Rail  stretching devices are always available at our storage and ready for delivery, that is why after signing a contract and making a payment, our logistics department begins the delivery at the most profitable costs.  We deliver our production by air, sea and railway transports. If the quantities are small we are able to deliver by transport companies.

To order rail stretcher R-25, please contact Sales Department on phone:
+ 7 (988) 652-53-78 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) or send an official request by e-mail: info@zheldormash.com