Railway lifting technologies

90 years of innovations and traditions in lifting technologies!

KZDM has been designing and producing heavy-duty railway column jacks for over 70 years. Our experience and knowledge allow us to create reliable and efficient depot lifts tailored to our customers’ needs and safety requirements.

We produce railway jacks with a lifting capacity from 7.5 to 60 tons per jack. Currently KZDM offers mobile and fixed column lifts for the following types of rail vehicles:

  • Lifting jacks for tramways, subways and metros
  • Lifting jacks for locomotives, passenger trains, wagons, freight and rail cars
  • Lifting jacks for heavy articulated trains, electric and diesel multiple units

We design and manufacture robust, high-quality railway jacks to provide maximum safety, high efficiency and performance. Through years of experience KZDM has developed a wide range of stationary and mobile screw jacks which can lift single carriage or entire train for inspection and maintenance purposes. We offer railway lifting jacks with actual competitive benefits in terms of durability, ergonomics, easy-to-use control panel and low maintenance costs.

We produce fixed or mobile jacks for all types of rail rolling vehicles. Depending on load capacity and depot requirements, the lifting system can be stationary, mobile with manual positioning due to hydraulic trolleys or installed on fixed workshop rails. Lifting jack system for depots and workshops is the universal solution for maintenance works with rolling stock.

Standard safety features:

Self-locking lifting screw
Simple lift synchronization
Secondary Safety Nut

Diverse range of options and system configurations for ordering heavy-duty railway lifting equipment:

Load capacity per one jack: 7.5 to 60 tons
Advanced synchronization control system
Fixed or mobile units
Height of lift customized to customer’s requirements
Extendable or fixed lifting anvils (manual or electric)
Radio control or fixed control panel
Load detection

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