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Rail-cutting machine RRS-80 is equipped with German Stihl engine and designed for cutting of hardened and non-hardened railway rails of all types P50, P65 and P75.

Rail-cutting machines RRS-80 are used for current and overhaul repair of the track, as well as for laying of new railway sections. Rail cutting technology is used to shorten rail length or to cut out the damaged section for further replacement.

Our company has been manufacturing rail cutting machines RRS-80 for 20 years and has accumulated vast experience, which allowed us to achieve maximum productivity with compact dimensions and relatively low weight.

Durable and lightweight pantograph construction made of aluminum, reliable and powerful German engine, ergonomic handles, all this makes the rail cutters the leader on the railway market in the field of rail processing.
Attachment to the rail is made by means of a special clamp designed for standard rail sizes. After fixing, the disc can be tilted at any angle required, creating the cut required by the technology. The quality of the made cuts meets all railway standards.

Advantages of the RRS-80 rail cutting machine

The most important advantages of hand-weld RRS-80 rail cutter are its portability and efficiency. This rail cutting machine can be used in locations which are hard to reach for heavy track machines. Thanks to convenient handles and secure mounting, the rail-cutting machine is safe and ergonomic for the operator. Properly secured rail cutter almost does not vibrate at all, so using such device is not so tiresome for railroad workers. Weight of the RRS-80 cutting machine is just 22.5 kg: it can be carried even by workers who are not in perfect physical shape. The cutter’s casing does not only protect railway men against flying sparks, but also allows operating the unit in adverse weather conditions. Generally, the RRS-80 rail cutter is very undemanding in terms of weather conditions; it can operate at any temperature from -40 to +50, from Namib to Siberia.


  • Fast and economical rail cutting;
  • Lightweight due to aluminum pantograph;
  • Gasoline / petrol driven — the best adaptability to any environmental conditions;
  • Average cutting time from 75 up to 120 seconds;
  • Rail cutting accuracy – horizontal and vertical deflection not more than 1 mm, precise right-angle cuts on all levels;
  • The Stihl 2-stroke engine features diaphragm carburetor, electronic ignition centrifugal clutch;
  • Double attachment mountings allow cutting from both directions;
  • Fast, stable mounting of the attachment onto the rail;
  • Unmatched comfort for the operator — reduced intense vibrations and noise level;
  • Ergonomic construction, the machine is fixed on a pantograph which helps operator to choose the required cutting path and improve cutting precision;
  • Cutting the rail in one pass without having to change position;
  • High quality original Ø 400 mm cutting discs/blades;
  • 100% manufacturer’s warranty;

PRICE 1800$

Specifications of the Kubanzheldormash RRS-80 rail cutter:

Name Value
Drive Air-cooled 2-stroke petrol engine
Type Stihl TS800
Power, kW 5
Cutting tool, original spare parts Cutting 400 mm Ø disk for rails, 80 m/sec
Cutting time, seconds 75-130 (depends on skill)
Weight, kg 22.5  (without cutting disk)

RRS-80 rail cutters
1 – drive; 2 – bracket; 3 – stable and fast mounting unit; 4 — protective cover; 5 – casing; 6 – grinder

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging details – wooden or carton case (box).
Delivery details – 2-4 weeks worldwide; rail-cutters always in stock, delivery time depends on logistic dates.

How and where you can buy or order rail cutting machines?

Best lowest prices on professional rail cutting machines depend heavily on the quantity. For large railway supply we provide significant discounts and individual terms of cooperation. Price of rail cutters can also vary substantially depending on needed spare parts, package and delivery address. Kubanzheldormash Company manufactures hi-powered and flexible, speedy and economical rail cutters, you can always rely on us in professional field of rail cutting.

To order RRS-80 rail cutters, please contact Sales Department on phone:
+ 7 (988) 652-53-78 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) or send an official request by e-mail: info@zheldormash.com