Rail Cutting Machine RRS-100

Lightweight abrasive rail saw RRS-100 is designed for efficient cutting of all types of hardened and non-hardened, high-speed, heavy construction, metro, tram, crane or maximum strength rails. Rail cutter RRS-100 is ready for hard work and precise cuts on the construction site in any weather conditions from -40 to +50, from Namibia to Siberia.

Rail cutting technology is used to shorten rail length or to cut out the damaged section for further replacement. We produce rail cutting machines RRS-100 with petrol engine for 30 years and have accumulated vast experience, which allows us to achieve maximum productivity with compact dimensions and relatively low weight.

The most important advantages of abrasive rail-cutter RRS-100 — portability and extreme productivity. This handheld rail cutting saw can be used in remote work areas where too hard to reach for heavy track machines. Thanks to convenient handles and secure mounting, the RRS is safe and easy-to-work for the operator.


  • high output, precise cutting, low maintenance
  • double attachment mountings allow cutting from both sides (directions)
  • cutting the rail in one pass without having to change position, short cutting time
  • easy and quick installation on rail due to special clamping device
  • perfect weight balance, low vibration
  • abrasive disk protection hood for more safety, including flying sparks
  • one-man operation with manual feed
  • durable and lightweight aluminum pantograph frame
  • suitable for all types of rails

Technical data

Name Value
Drive Air-cooled 2-stroke petrol engine
Engine power 5 kW at 9000 rpm
Cutting disk diameter 400 mm
Maximum disk speed 100 m/s
Cutting time rate ~ 90 sec per cut
Autonomy 6 cuts minimum
Accuracy Not more that 1%
Dimensions, LxWxH 800x450x470 mm
Weight 22.5 kg

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rail cutting

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