Heavy duty railway lifting jacks for trains, locomotives and wagons

KZDM, Russia is worldwide leading supplier of lifting equipment for railway workshops and depot yards. We produce powerful lifting systems for all types of heavy railway vehicles: mainline and light locomotives, high-speed trains, freight and passenger rail cars / wagons, track machines, rail coaches and multiple rail units. 90 years of experience in manufacturing of stationary and transportable sturdy railway lifting systems for depot maintenance! You can meet our portable and fixed railway column lifting jacks on all continents.

Lifting systems UDS & UDP for railway vehicles up to 240 tons (60 tons per jack) are perfectly suitable for all depot tasks from inspection and repairs todisassembly and assembly of bogies or wheelsets.

Benefits and extra features

  • Electromechanical design with lifting screw-nut system
  • Durable, robust, time-tested design
  • Fixed or movable claws
  • Self-locking screw system for operation under the load
  • From 4 to 36 synchronized jacks
  • Electromechanical screw jack hoisting system with ACME thread spindle and brass lifting and safety nuts
  • Safety first. Phase correction / detection load nut so-called lift nut wear limit detection, full capacity secondary safety nut, lowering obstruction detection, upper and lower travel limits, self-locking lifting screws, self-locking spindle system for operation under lifted load, overload protection, electrically monitored system of nuts
  • Slim construction for a good free view and easy access to any part of lifted vehicle
  • Control panel fitted on the column lift or fixed separate control unit placed at a distance from the jacks. Radio control available optionally
  • Engineered and made in Russia

Technical data

Parameter name UDS-120/160/200 UDP-120/160
Load capacity, t 120/160/200 120/160
Minimum lowering height, mm 800 800
Maximum lifting height, mm 1960/2600/2600 1960/2600
Dimensions, LxWxH, mm 1572x820x2560/3200/3280 1572x1364x2590/3230
Weight (4 jacks with control panel without gear oil), kg 6500/7300/8848 7300/8100

We can offer multiple lifting railway solutions for our partners. We can design and produce unique lifting equipment for any rail vehicles under your individual needs. Lifting height, extra capacity, stroke length, rear or side gearbox, RAL color, PLC electronic options, unique shape of claws, extending anvil etc. We are ready to design and manufacture customized heavy-duty lifting systems to suit specific requirements.

Range of fixed and rail-guided lifting jacks for trains

Fixed lifting jacks UDS-120, UDS-160, UDS-200, UDS-240 with retractable or extendable claws. These stationary train jacks mount on flat concrete floor inside workshop.

Rail-guided lifting jacks UDP-120, UDP-160 and UDP-200with fixed or moving anvils. Rail mounted UDP type lifting jacks use additional rails running parallel to the maintenance road inside the yard.

sheme of lifting jackssheme of lifting jacks UDS

Best prices on train lifting jacks for railway yards and workshops. Contact us, and we will be happy to give you full information about our lifting jack systems.

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