MTM Hand-Operated Lever Hoists

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MTM hand-operated lever hoist (MTM – assembly and pulling mechanism) is designed for cargo lifting and moving in any direction. Full-scale production of the assembly and pulling mechanisms is dictated primarily by wide usage of lever winches (wire rope jacks) in various areas. They are used not only to move and trail various heavy loads, but also when pulling out inconvenient large products, in the process of assembly and disassembly works at construction sites and in industry. They are used to install electrical and manual pulleys for cranes, for construction/demolition of buildings and structures; to install and pull cables and ropes for lifting and holding various cargoes. The versatility of winches results from the fact that a hand-operated lever hoist is fully autonomous and does not require an external power source. Assembly and pull mechanisms provide unexpendable help when loading and unloading: they can speed up work by many times while in full compliance with all standards of industrial safety.

Kubanzheldormash JSC is an undisputed Russian leader in manufacturing of MTM assembly and pull mechanisms. We have accumulated huge experience at manufacturing of manual lever hoists; our assembly and pull hoists are known throughout the former Soviet Union; they are maintenance-friendly, reliable and as good as their European analogues.




ручные лебедки

Assembly and pull mechanisms produced by Kubanzheldormash JSC represent:

  • Up to 1200 winches per month, Number One in Russia;
  • Simple and reliable design;
  • Overload protection;
  • Long service life;
  • Ability to change lever effort at different distances;
  • Extension-type lever with ergonomic rubber handle;
  • 100% Manufacturer Warranty;
  • Competitive prices.

«Tuapsinkas» history: manufacturing of assembly and pull mechanisms in the USSR

In the Soviet Union assembly and pull mechanisms (MTM) were produced by machine-building plants in Tuapse and Dushanbe, that’s why such terms as «Tuapsinka» and «Dushanbinka» became common designations at the time. Industry-specific jargon includes variety of buzzwords for lever winches – «frogs», «neftianki (oilers)», «mtmki», cable jacks, «taskateli (pullers)» and so on.

Armavir Railway Engineering Plant had started manufacturing MTM- 1.6 assembly and pull mechanisms in 1983 exclusively for railway applications. In the nineties, after breakup of the USSR, the Engineering Department of the plant made substantial alterations in MTM-1.6 design, and the enterprise started selling the winches within the domestic market, as generally available tools. Later the range of produced assembly and pull mechanisms was complemented with winches of 0.8 and 3.2 ton load-lifting capacity. As of today, Kubanzheldormash JSC is the undisputed leader in Russia and the former Soviet Union region by production of assembly and pull mechanisms.

MTM specifications

Type Pulling power, ton Hoisting speed, m/min Handle force, N Overall dimensions, mm Weight, kg
A B C D D1 E E1
TM-0.8 (LRP 0.8) 0.8 2 250 535 300 125 ц 25 Ц 21 24 26 10.8
MTM-1.6 (LRP 1.6) 1.6 2 450 610 370 150 φ 30 Φ 28 28 28 21.8
MTM-3.2 (LRP 3.2) 3.2 0.45;
687 410 146 Φ 42 Φ 28 40 62 31.8

ручные лебедки МТМ 1.6т. Схема

3.2тЧертеж ручные лебедки МТМ 3.2т. Схема

Ручная рычажная лебедка МТМ в работе

MTM assembly and pull mechanisms from the manufacturer

Actually, we are practically the sole manufacturer of assembly and pull mechanisms in the former USSR. Huge accrued experience, our own engineering department, implementation of new technologies for manufacturing of parts and assemblies, continuous design evolution, low prices, well-established feedback from our loyal customers: all of this makes us the leader in the Russian market of lifting devices. Besides the lever hoists, we do produce full range of rack jacks.

Kubanzheldormash JSC is the main manufacturer of rack jacks and assembly and pull mechanisms in Russia. We guarantee the best prices, high workmanship, warranty and post-warranty service.

MTM hand-operated lever hoists are available for purchase or ordering at any time convenient for you; all you have to do is to contact the Marketing Department of the plant by phone:
+ 7 (988) 652-53-78 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) or send an official request by e-mail: