Universal cultivators «Foxtrot»

Universal cultivators «Foxtrot» – cultivators of the new generation!

Application of the universal cultivator

In modern agriculture, agronomists, in order to achieve good yields, have to solve a lot of problems and perform many agronomic techniques for cultivation. Modern agricultural engineering does not stand still and produces a wide variety of tools designed to most effectively perform one or another method of cultivation. As far as possible, modern agricultural tools should be universal, that is, adapted to perform several operations. The Foxtrot universal cultivator produced by KZDM, was no exception. This powerful tool belonging to the class of a stubble cultivator can be equipped with working bodies of various types (2 types of chisels and A blades), which allows you to perform the following work with it:

  • broadcast tillage and secondary tillage to a depth of 5 -15 cm;
  • loosening of stubble field after harvesting with uniform embedding of crop residues;
  • deep loosening to a depth of 40 cm; due to such para-ploughing, the plow sole is broken and loosened without soil overturning, the air exchange in the lower horizons is improved: in arid regions, deep loosening produces moisture accumulation during the winter period, and in areas prone to waterlogging, it contributes to drainage of excess moisture;
  • cultivation of fallow lands;
  • embedding of green manure crops and applied fertilizers (granular fertilizers and dry farmyard manure).

A wide range of agrotechnical techniques with excellent agrotechnical characteristics allow ranking the stubble cultivator produced by KZDM in a number of the state-of-the-art agricultural machines. The universal cultivator is capable of performing the work of a stubble cultivator, a cultivator for broadcast tillage, and a chisel plow simultaneously, while at the same time, ensuring the embedding of crop residues.

Novelty and innovativeness of the cultivator

KZDM, standing among the best of domestic machine builders, has its own design office, working closely with the FSBI «Kuban MTS», the Kuban State Agrarian University, and experienced practicing agronomists Krasnodar and Stavropol Regions. This allows us to create the most modern tillage machines that take into account the specifics of Russian agriculture. The Foxtrot stubble cultivator is an economical and versatile tool with which modern agrarians effectively perform a variety of tasks.

The use of a modern stubble cultivator produced in the workshops of our enterprise has for agrarians the following advantages:

  • the possibility of precise and smooth adjustment of the depth of processing from the tractor cab as the tractor moves;
  • the ability to work with a whole set of wear-resistant replaceable working bodies, allowing the stubble cultivator to perform a wide range of operations;
  • perfect alignment of the horizon through the use of twisted dandy-rolls, double rollers, and spring-tooth harrows installed behind the rollers;
  • double roller-track provides not only the crushing of clumped soil, but also the optimal soil consolidation;
  • uniform mixing of crop residues of fine stem crops;
  • excellent loosening and levelling of the soil along the tractor track;
  • the possibility of aggregation with tractors of different power is achieved due to the modular design, which allows increasing/reduce the working width of the tool;
  • the original design allows to copy the terrain, clearly maintaining the depth of processing on any agricultural background, and maximize the use of traction powers of the tractor while reducing fuel consumption;
  • ability to work at speeds of up to 12 km/h;
  • spring-loaded supports of the attachment of the working bodies bring the probability of their damage when meeting an obstacle to naught and exclude the transfer of excessive loads on the cultivator frame.

Due to the modular system, the universal cultivators, can be adapted to the traction powers that the farm has at the right time. The cultivator wings consist of sections, which, if necessary, can be not only removed, but also increased in the event of a decrease/increase in traction capacities. Owing to this ability of re-equipment, it is possible to use tractors of various capacities.

Design features of the Foxtrot universal cultivator



Foxtrot 4,6

Foxtrot 6.2

Working width, m



Number of blades, pcs



Number of rows of working bodies


Operating speed, km/h


Working depth, cm

up to 35

Transport width, m


Travelling speed, km/h


Frame height, cm


Type of roller

Double roller

Weight, kg



The required power of the tractor at the maximum deep processing, hp

from 280

from 350

In the standard (recommended) complete set, the universal cultivator made by our enterprise is equipped with the double self-cleaning roller-track providing good crushing of clums and rolling of the top layer of the soil. The twisted dandy-rolls installed in front of the rollers produce preliminary levelling, mixing of the soil with plant residues and soil loosened by the working bodies. The spring-tooth harrow installed behind the roller with adjustable depth and angle of inclination ensures the final alignment of the ridges, fractional uniformity, and uniform mulching.

Spring-loaded supports of working bodies can be easily and conveniently re-equipped with working bodies that best match the work performed on the farm.

  • A blade 320х10mm—for not deep undercutting of the upper layer of stubble;
  • Pointed chisel 80x14mm—or processing at an average depth. Pointed chisel provides the best mixing of the soil with crop residues;
  • Chisel 40x20mm—for deep loosening to a depth of 30 cm;
  • Chisel 80x30mm—loosening to a great depth (para-ploughing to a depth of 40 cm).

Wide wheels reduce the specific pressure on the soil, which favourably affects the subsequent loosening of the track, not only in terms of achieving uniformity of the soil over the entire width of the tool, but also in reducing the load on the tractor.

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