Manual electric ballast tamper SVE-2

Light and powerful manual electric tamper SVE-2 is designed for tamping ballast or gravel under the sleepers. One set of 4 units SVE-4 allows to make accurate and fast lasting track bed. The SVE-2 is the traditional and budget decision for track ballast vibration operations. Vertical electric ballast tamper is one of the most demanded tools for railway track repair.


  • high tamping capacity and quality
  • comfortable handling
  • no stress for concrete sleepers
  • one-man operation with manual feed
  • low level of noise
  • triple shock absorption system

Technical data

Unbalance exciting force, kN (kgf) 2.6 (260)
Type of current three-phase, alternating (different types available)
Rated consumed power, kW 0.4
Rated voltage, V 220 (other voltage available)
Rated frequency, AC, Hz 50 (other frequency available)
Rated current, A 1.3
Nominal operating mode S3, % 70
Shaft speed, s-1 (min -1) 47 (2800)
Weight, kg 21
Overall dimensions, mm 1250x200x595

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