Rail heater UNR

Rail heating machine UNR is designed for warming the rails up to the required temperature for railroad thermite or aluminothermic welding. Robust, completely removable and electrically isolated rail heating machine UNR is the best solution for de-stressing works before welding. It’s used in tandem with the Rail stressor R700 for pressing and keeping rails in neutral length during welding operations.

Physical abrasion of rail ends due to constant impacts of rolling stock wheels is one of the common problems in railroad track repair. The idea of joining rail ends is not new, but requires additional preparation immediately before the welding process, after mechanical cleaning from dirt, the rail must be heated to a certain temperature. The rail heating device UNR is a light and effective bogie which can be easily operated by just one operator and allows extremely fast precise heating of the rail to the required temperature.


  • Powerful, easy-to-use and simple to maintain machine;
  • Robust and mobile frame on lightweight trolley
  • Adjustable burner height for precise control of heat delivery to the rail heating zone;
  • Built-in fire extinguisher provides high safety;
  • Modular design for convenient transport and storage
  • Model UNR-2 for both rails can be offered (option)

Rail heater UNR

Technical data



Track gauge 1435 mm (other on request)
Number of burners, propane 4
Heating power 765 kW
Gas consumption (1 bar operating pressure)
– one burner
– four burners
5 kg/h
20 kg/h
Dimensions (LxWxH) 3300x1900x900 mm
Total weight 95 kg

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