Rail heater UNR

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Rail heating unit is designed for the required rail temperature during the works on laying (replacement), discharging and entering into the optimal temperature interval of continuous welded rail track during construction and repair of railroad tracks.

Physical abrasion of rail ends due to constant impacts of rolling stock wheels is one of the common problems in railroad track repair. The idea of joining rail ends is not new, but requires additional preparation immediately before the welding process, after mechanical cleaning from dirt, the rail must be heated to a certain temperature. The rail heating device UNR is a light and strong bogie that is easily operated by just one operator and allows for extremely fast precise heating of the rail to the desired temperature.

Advantages of rail heating machine UNR:

  • adjustable burner height for precise control of heat delivery to the rail heating zone;
  • powerful, easy-to-use and simple to maintain machine;
  • fire extinguisher included in the kit provides high fire safety;
  • fully disassembled modular design, which makes it easy to transport to the place of work, as well as easier seasonal storage.

Rail heater UNR

Basic characteristics and dimensions of the rail heater UNR:



Gas type propane
Operating pressure, bar, max 1
Maximum pressure in the system, bar, max 2,5
Number of burners, pcs. 4
Heater power, not more than kW 765
Gas consumption at operating pressure of 1 bar, not more, kg/h:
— one burner
— four burners
Overall dimensions, mm, not more :
— length
— width
— height
Weight (without gas cylinder and fire extinguisher), kg, not more 95

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