Fertilizer spreaders mounted «Twerk»

Fertilizer spreaders mounted «Twerk», single-disc and double-disc

Plant «Kubanzheldormash» produces mounted and trailed spreaders «Twerk» in two versions – single disc and double disc. Single-disc ones – with a bunker capacity of up to 1,800 litres and a spreading width of up to 24 m, dual-disc ones with a capacity of up to 3,000 litres and a spreading width of up to 36 meters. Fertilizer spreader line «Twerk» allows each farmer to choose equipment for their tasks, for vineyards and horticultural crops before growing grain. Today, one of the main guarantees of productivity and prosperity of the economy is the most efficient use of fertilizers. We produce trailed and mounted fertilizer spreaders that allow for accurate, uniform fertilization. This is extremely important given the fact that the cost of fertilizers only grows every year. That is why we paid special attention to the distribution of fertilizers on the border and the edge of the field. Two-disc spreader «Twerk-2» can operate on one side, the fertilizer input to the second disc is turned off. In this case, one working body will accurately apply fertilizer to the very edge of the field. Such opportunities allow to achieve an optimal distribution of fertilizers and not to affect unused adjacent areas.

Spreaders of mineral fertilizers of the «Twerk» family provide uniform distribution of dry, crystalline, granulated fertilizers (solid fertilizers) that allows to achieve high productivity. Spreaders of mineral fertilizers Тwerk-1 and Тwerk-2 are an excellent choice for both large agricultural companies and small farms. Simple and reliable design ensures high-quality operation of the equipment without interruptions and call expensive specialists in the event of electronics failure. All models of our fertilizer spreaders have an important option to increase the volume of the tanker.

Technical parameters of fertilizer spreaders «Twerk»

  • Working width. The higher this indicator is, the faster it will be possible to process the area under treatment.
  • Volume of the tanker. The indicator also affects the processing speed and the number of interrupts during operation.
  • The speed of the disks and their number. Generally recognized European standard is 540 rpm. It is designed for all the adjustments of modern spreaders.

All modern models have spreading systems, be it discs or a pendulum tube, consist of stainless steel, and the tanker is covered with a special powder paint, which does not allow fertilizers to destroy the metal.

Advantages of solid fertilizer spreaders «Twerk»

  • Moving blades of the original configuration (adjusting the width of the fertilizer distribution in accordance with the technological track).
  • Ability to adjust the working width and the ability to work on the edges of the field
  • Simplicity and reliability of the design
  • Distribution mechanism made of stainless steel
  • Simple and reliable design requires no special knowledge or maintenance
  • Special grating for the retention of large impurities
  • Two adjustable closures for a perfect dosing of fertilizers
  • It is possible to work with one side of the spreader when the fertilizer supply to one of the discs is turned off
  • Reliable gearbox with long service life
  • Russian production, there are always spare parts in stock
  • Warranty and post-warranty service

Technical parameters Twerk-1 Twerk-2
Number of working bodies (plates), pcs



Working width, m



Aggregation, class



Gape, сm



Fertilizer application rate control system

handle and adjustable dampers

hydraulic cylinder and adjustable dampers

Operating speed, not more, km/h



Tanker volume, m³



Productivity, no more, Ha/h



Fertilizer seeding rate, kg/Ha




PTO shaft

PTO shaft

Rotation frequency of PTO shaft, rpm



Structural weight, kg



Technical parameters are indicated in general for the «Twerk» line, for each individual unit of equipment it is necessary to obtain accurate information from the manufacturer.разбрасыватель «тверк» общий вид

Single-disc mounted spreader «Тwerk-1» is designed for surface application of solid mineral fertilizers in granular or crystalline form with their subsequent incorporation by soil tillage equipment, as well as for feeding of tilled and grain crops, fields, pastures and meadows. Also, many farms use our fertilizer spreaders when sowing rice and break crop and even late fertilization. The use of a single-disc spreader eliminates the introduction of an excess dose of fertilizer, which is present at the junction of the spreading zones of two discs. At the same time, the single-disc design of the spreader greatly simplifies setup and maintenance.
разбрасыватель «тверк» разбрасыватель двухдисковый

Important: the tractor must be equipped with additional front weights.

Two-disc centrifugal spreader of fertilizers «Twerk-2» depending on the volume of the bunker can be made a mounted or trailed design for surface application of granular and crystalline fertilizers into the soil with subsequent incorporation of agricultural implements for tillage, as well as for feeding of tilled and grain crops, fields, pastures and meadows. Can be used for seeding of green manure. Double-disc fertilizer spreaders can be aggregated both by hanging and purchased as trailers on their own wheelbase.

Important: the tractor must be equipped with additional front weights, except when you purchase a trailed spreader on own uniaxial movement.

Multifunctionality! Fertilizer spreader «Twerk» can also be used in municipal services as attachments to the tractor for spreading anti-icing agents, dry sand and salt. The mineral fertilizer spreader «Twerk» is a mounted machine and is aggregated with wheel tractors (class 1,4…2).

Design features

The parameters of the thrower (working body) allow to achieve an even distribution of mineral fertilizers on the surface of the field by using the original configuration of the disc spreader and blades with an adjustable slope relative to the axis of rotation. The location and shape of the tanker brings the centre of mass of the spreader to the rear axle of the tractor, which allows to efficiently redistribute the load between the rear and front wheels. The tanker is equipped with a special closure for cleaning the tank from unused residue. Adjustment of the rate of fertilizer application is carried out mechanically (single-disc spreader) or hydraulically from the tractor cabin. In coordination with the customer, it is possible to manufacture a modification of a double-disc fertilizer spreader with mechanical adjustment of the rate of fertilizer application.

Spreaders of mineral fertilizers (solid fertilizers) of the «Twerk» series meet the most modern requirements, which are imposed today by agronomists and machine operators. Each spreader «Twerk» is a universal solution, it works equally when spreading fertilizers of all kinds, and allows sowing small seeds and anti-slime granules. Reasonable internal structure and precision manufacturing accuracy of each unit allow not only to make fertilizer in a strictly specified location with the required dosage, but also to change the width of the spreading directly during operation. The simplicity of design, maintainability, reliability, real factory quality, all this makes our equipment the best in the agricultural market!

Fertilizer spreaders «Twerk» is the right choice for fertilizer!

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