Power station AD-4

Power station AD-4 is intended for supplying electric tools and appliances with three-phase alternating current: electric tamping units, rail drilling and cutting machines, power wrenches, grinding machines, hydro pumps, concrete mixers, power block planes etc.

    During any kind of track works there is a problem of electricity supply. The vast majority of tools and appliances work on electricity and to replace already existing electric appliances with autonomous ones is extremely unprofitable. To conduct the electricity to the work place is also not profitable. The best choice in this case is the diesel power generator AD-4.

Application of Power Generator AD-4

    Portable Diesel Generators AD-4 are used for supplying electrical appliances right at the workplace. Power station is able to produce single and three-phase alternating current which is enough for power supplying of several appliances. AD-4 provides smooth voltage without voltage drops which protects electrical tools and appliances against burnout and short circuits.

    Portable Diesel Generators AD-4 are used during track maintenance works as well as during construction of a new way.  AD-4 is suitable for power supplying of the whole range of track machinery. In addition, power station AD-4 can be used as an emergency generator. Power generator AD-4 can be also used for illuminating the territory. This gives the opportunity to perform urgent repair works at night in conditions of low visibility.

    The engine of the portable diesel generator AD-4 has an economic engine, which is able to work the whole day consuming approximately 2 litres per hour.

Construction of Power station AD-4

    Power station body consists of a yellow parallelepiped without walls but only with ribs, inside which are located the generator and the engine. The advantage of such kind of construction is that the absence of walls allows the air to circulate and to cool the unit. It protects AD-4 against overheating and prolongs the time of trouble-free operation.

    At the same time the absence of walls does not contribute to the contamination of the mechanism. Diesel engine and generator are located a few centimetres higher from the ground, such kind of construction protects the engine from dust and dirt. Also, such kind of location allows the ribs to perform protective functions: even if AD-4 falls dawn, the ribs will bear the brunt and protect the internal parts

    The third advantage of such kind of construction is that the station becomes considerably lighter in comparison with analogues. This simplifies transportation of station to the place of works. Also, the work is simplified due to wheels attached to the body which allow to move the station on rails, it means that one person can easily transport the station.

    The station is painted into bright-yellow colour, in order to attract the attention of the locomotive operator and avoid the situation of being run over by locomotive. On customer request, power stations can be painted in other colours.

Advantages of portable power station AD-4

    Diesel power generator possesses all the advantages which distinguish diesel engine from the petrol one. For example, railway power generator AD-4 consumes less fuel than its direct petrol analogue of our company AB-4

    The usage of proven, high-quality materials and components, combined with a well-established product quality control system, allowed us to create a trouble-free power station.

    Besides that, Railway power station AD-4 supports the voltage without surges and spikes, ensuring by that the performance of connected to it tools. Upper described construction provides cooling and durability of the power station, which is very important during construction works. The small weight of 103 kg allows to move the power station without any special technique on a simple car or even by the force of a few trackmen.

    All these advantages are highly appreciated by famous companies such as: Russian Railways, Gazprom, Transnevt and Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russian Federation, buying from us for their needs several consignments of the generator AD-4. Such kind of recommendations worth much, and we are proud that our generators help to save people’s lives from natural disasters and develop the industry of the country.

Technical Specifications of Railway Power station AD-4

Parameter name


Drive type Diesel engine YAMAHA
Generator type Linz
Type of current: alternating one or three-phase, V (Hz) 230 (50)
Rated power, kW one-phase 2,8, three-phase 4,4
Overall dimensions, mm 900х550х625
Weight without fuel, kg 103
Fuel consumption 2,6 l/h

Power stations from the manufacturer

    Diesel power stations AD-4 are entirely our own elaboration which we are proud of, you won’t  find anywhere such kind of  power stations besides our factory. Of course there is a chance to come across the fake, but it will be difficult to compare to the original power station which is equipped with Japanese diesel engine Robin Subaru and high-quality Italian generator Linz

    For the details of our power stations we use high-strength steel, made of our own melting, we assemble power stations directly in our assembly shops without requesting assistance from our partners. This allows us to get a rid of transportation costs and reduce the prime cost of power station AD-4. At this moment the power station AD-4 of our production is the most optimal choice because of its price, quality and maintenance costs. Benefit, convenience and reliability – this is how you can briefly describe AD-4.

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