Power station AB-4

Nowadays electricity serves as the main source of energy. One of its advantages is the fact that it is a renewable resource in contrast to the same oil. But there is a drawback as well, electrification costs much and in order to conduct the electricity to the place, for example, of railway works, it will be necessary to spend more money than the railway works by themselves. But it is not terrible, because there are self-contained petrol power generators as for example AB-4

Application of Power station AB-4

Portable Petrol Generator AB-4 – is a self-contained petrol powered generator. Petrol engine generates energy, later processed by generator into electricity. This allows to supply electrical appliances wherever they are, even in the open field which is indispensable for maintenance of the railroad or construction of the new way. Railway station AB-4 can supply one-phase and three-phase current, used for supplying electrical appliances as well as for illuminating equipment. This gives the opportunity to perform urgent repair works at night in conditions of low visibility.

In addition, power station AB-4 can be used in case of malfunction of the network power supply.

Power station AB-4 can be used for power supply of all existing track machinery: Electric tamping units, Rail-Cutting Machines, Rail Drilling Machines, screwdrivers, grinding machines and many other things.

Construction of Power station AB-4

Portable power station AB-4 consists of gasoline engine called Robin Subaru, which is connected to the Linz generator. This connection allows generating huge volumes of electrical power consuming the fuel as economically as possible: on average 3 liters per hour. Power station AB-4 works with unleaded gasoline А-92.

The body of the Power station AB-4 has a bright-yellow frame, which protects the generator from unwanted mechanical impact. At the same time the body doesn’t bother to the ventilation system. It has a positive impact on the duration of the continuous operation of the generator. Besides, there are small wheels attached to the body which allow to move the station on rails.

In case of locomotive arrival there is a possibility of toppling the station on a side in order to avoid collisions. The body will protect fragile parts from the damage. In addition, such kind of construction protects the engine from dust and dirt as the position of the station is a little higher from the ground.

Technical Specifications of Railway Power station AB-4

Parameter name


Drive type Petrol engine YAMAHA
Generator type Linz
Type of current: alternating one or three-phase, V (Hz) 230 (50)
Rated power, kW one-phase 2,8, three-phase 4,4
Rated voltage, V 230
Rated current, А 12,5
Rated frequency, Hz 50
Overall dimensions, mm 680х540х510
Weight without fuel, kg 75
Fuel consumption, l/h 2,6
Capacity of the fuel tank, L 15

Petrol generators form the manufacturer

Kubanzheldormash Co. produces petrol power stations AB-4. This is entirely our own elaboration which we are proud of. Our power stations are equipped with original Japanese engines, because we consider them as the best ones of their kind. All the other works on manufacturing and assembly we carry out by ourselves. For manufacturing Power Stations we use modern equipment and only the best materials. Many years of experience in manufacturing make our generators AB-4 the best equipment in its kind.

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