Rack-and-Pinion Jacks

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Rack jack (Ratchet Track Jack) is a mechanical device with manual drive designed for lifting loads. Its features are robust construction, easy maintenance and reliable operation. During operation the device performs smooth movement of heavy loads and allows to stop cargo precisely stops exactly at a predetermined height. Ratchet jacks, on equal terms with MTM hand-operated winches, are justly considered to be the most popular types of lifting equipment.

Kubanzheldormash JSC is actually the sole manufacturer of rack jacks in Russia. Over the 80-year history of the plant, rack jacks always stood apart in the plant’s product range. Namely, the rack jacks (jacking rails) were «consumer goods» for our plant in the Soviet Union. A rack and pinion jack may be found at any point of the former Soviet Union, at a plant or cottage, and 999 out of 1000 jacks will be ones produced by Armavir Railway Engineering Plant.

Historically, a rack jack in Russia is synonimical to Kubanzheldormash. During the past 70 years we have produced more than three hundred thousand rack jacks, which were being improved, became more reliable and lightweight. Currenty we produce the full range of rack jacks: from 3 to 20 tons. This range includes DR-3, DR-5, DR-8M, DR-10, DR-14 and DR-20 rack and pinion jacks. DR-10 with low arm should be distinguished in this range, as this model was introduced relatively recently, but demand for such construction is constantly high due to installation of large numbers of heavy machines and process lines.

Rack-and-Pinion Jacks

In 2014 we plan to start serial production of Hi-Jack type units, which are very popular among owners of commercial vehicles, jeeps, quads and off-road vehicles. This simple and ultralight design came from the United States. It is characterized by special profile of the steel rack, low operating force and high convenience, as it can also be used as a winch or press.

Rack jacks produced by Kubanzheldormash JSC are characterized by:

  • Reliability and high quality over a distance of 70 years provided by domestic Russian manufacturer!
  • Significant lifting height;
  • Ability to operate in vertical and horizontal position;
  • Compact design, excellent ergonomics and ease of operation;
  • High maintainability;
  • Smooth lifting ability;
  • Special friction pads allowing smooth and safe lowering of the load;
  • Ability to accurately position the load at a certain height;
  • Three year warranty!

rack jack

Application of rack-and-pinion jacks

Industrial rack jack is a simple and reliable structure, proven in the most demanding operating environments. Railway employees dig our jacks into ballast in autumn, dig them out in the spring and continue using them in current track maintenance. Such facts, while denoting an improper operation of equipment, do very well demonstrate simplicity and reliability of jacks with rack-and-pinion drive manufactured by Kubanzheldormash JSC. It is purely mechanical structure that allows using the rack jack in the most heavy conditions (in contrast to «gentle» hydraulic jacks, rack jacks do not require lubricating oil, are tolerant to extreme temperatures, hostile environment conditions, humidity and dust). Another just as important advantage of any rack jack is its versatility. Rack jacks are used for pre-hanging of parts for construction, during installation, maintenance and handling operations as well as in the process of wagon and track repair. One might also move loads horizontally using a rack jack. Racks (track jacks) are characterized by high level of safety.
schema: rack jack

1 — cover; 2 — rail; 3 — case; 4 — gear block; 5 — gear block; 6 — gear block; 7 — handle; 8 — four-tooth; 9 — a bolt pin; 10 — washer; 11-15 — hardware.

Схема реечного домкрата

1 — case; 2 — rail; 3 — cover; 4 — head; 5 — paw; 6 — handle; 7 — pen; 8 — ratchet; 9 — a dog; 10 — fifths.

Rack jack specifications:

Type Hoisting capacity, ton Travel (lifting height), mm Force on crank, N Height from a foot plate to load-carrying arm Dimensions, LxWxH Weight, kg Price, $
on the heel on the arm
DR-3 rack jack  3  2.1  345  270  45  195x290x735  21 130
DR-5 rack jack  5  5  350  200  90  330x280x710  38 180
DR-8M rack jack  8  8  350  200  90  330x280x711  40 250
DR-10 rack jack  10  10  390  230  40  250x440x780  48 300
DR-14 rack jack  14  11.2  320  280  110  280x315x900  65 380
DR-20 rack jack  20 14  300  300  105  320x400x900  90 550

If you need to purchase or order rack jacks for your own use, please contact our authorized dealers. If you would like to order a bulk quantity of rack jack (more than 100 units), please contact Sales Department on phone:
+ 7 (988) 652-53-78 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) or send an official request by e-mail: info@zheldormash.com