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Rail drilling machine is driven by an ICE and designed for drilling holes for track bolts and rail bonds through hardened and unhardened rails of R50, R65 and R75 types.

Anyone who has seen stacked rails did probably ponder how these monolithic steel hulks are fixed together. More specifically, not just how they are fixed together, but how the holes for fasteners are made; as it seems impossible to even scratch a rail that’s capable to withstand daily movement of multi-ton trains.

For a long time holes in rails were drilled by heavy railway equipment, requiring lot of money and time for operation, but today there are stand-alone rail drilling machines operated by one person. Kubanzheldormash JSC offers a unique device in the market for railway works – the RSS rail drilling machine.

RSS rail drilling machine application

RSS rail drilling machine with an ICE is a product of home-grown technology adapted to our climatic conditions and traveling circumstances. Its purpose is creation of technical holes in rails; these holes will be used for the bolts, to fasten rails to each other and to the sleepers. The RSS can operate with all types of through-hardened and unhardened rails used at the territory of the former USSR: R50, R65 and R75.

The RSS rail drilling machine is used for installation of new sections of tracks and for current repair or capital overhaul of existing railway segments. In this case, the RSS can be used both as an additional unit for large rail cutting equipment and as the main operating unit.

The RSS also has a function of chamfering and rolling of the hole edge (this increases rail metal strength); chamfering is performed on both sides. After all processes the rail becomes fully prepared for operation, it may be installed and fixed without any further machining. And the process will be much faster, as standalone RSS machine performs all operations on the site of repair or track-laying.

Construction of the RSS rail drilling machine

Machine’s core is Honda GX-160S gasoline engine. We have selected this particular engine due to its high reliability and fuel efficiency. According to conducted tests and situation reports, the RSS equipped with this engine can run the whole day long (all daylight hours) without refueling or connecting to a portable power plant. The engine also demonstrates good adaptability to weather conditions: our machines are working equally good in the warm Krasnodar Krai, in rainy Petersburg and in snow-covered Murmansk.

The frame, handles and fixing devices of the machine are made of structural steel: that increases firness of the device itself and reliability of its installation on the rail. Gearbox housing is made of aluminum, significantly reducing weight of RSS machine without lowering its reliability and firmness.
The RSS is equipped with a special grip allowing reliable and safe mounting of the machine on the rails of different sizes. The fixing system is developed for intended types of rails, thus RSS is installed on the rail very firmly, preventing vibration and any movement. For drilling the RSS can use drills with replaceable or brazed carbide blade and standard drills made of high-speed steel.

Standalone RSS machine has two speed modes. Operator can easily select a mode both before drilling and during the process. In addition, the machine is equipped with a built-in emergency shutdown device, which drastically reduces the chance of injury or damaging a workpiece.

Kubanzheldormash JSC can provide you not only with the machine itself but with all supplies and wear parts ranging from drills to burnishers and beveling devices.

Advantages of the RSS machine

The RSS rail drilling machine has a lot of advantages. Its specifications were developed taking into account realia of Russian railways, so it displays the same performance in hot and cold weather, be it rain and snow. RSS is also distinguished for its great duration of autonomous operation. Even if all gasoline is used up, you can easily refill the tank and continue working.

Use of the rail drilling machine is much more profitable than use of heavy machinery. Thanks to small size and 55 kg weight the unit can be taken in any car to any work site, while heavy machinery requires long and expensive transportation. In addition, heavy rail drilling equipment often just can’t reach the intended position, and then it is necessary to transport materials to the equipment and back. But the RSS can operate at the place of track laying, thus completely eliminating any extra transportation.

In addition, the RSS is very convenient to use, as it complies to all ergonomics requirements. Secure fixing eliminates vibration during operation: therefore, operator will be less tired and productivity will increase. The RSS performs all operations in automatic mode, and railroad worker only has to move and fix the unit.

The machine is equipped with wheels for moving along the rails, so it is easily operated and moved by one person. In case of a train approaching, there RSS might be overturned to the side from the track, to avoid collision. It is possible thanks to the system of emergency spindle removal, which also prevents breakage of the cutting tool if something goes wrong.

Aforementioned functions of chamfering and rolling can not only prepare the material for use, but also increase hole strength and, as a result, improve strength of rail bonds by by 20%, increasing service life and reliability of fastenings.

RSS specifications

  • Technical parameters of stand-alone RSS rail drilling machine are as follows:
  • Maximum drill diameter: 36 mm;
  • Maximum spindle length: 38 mm;
  • Rated rotation frequency: 240 rpm at the first speed, 390 rpm at the second speed;
  • Spindle regular feed: 0.0755 mm/rev;
  • Hole drilling duration: not more than 100 seconds at the first speed, not more than 60 seconds at the second speed;
  • Size of chamfer: (1.5 to 3.0 )x45º mm*angle;
  • Period of chamfering on both sides of the hole: not more than 30 seconds;
  • Engine: Honda GX-160S ICE;
  • Maximum power at 3600 rpm: 4.0 kW;
  • Mean time to failure: not less than 100 hours;
  • Lifetime: not less than 5 years;
  • Adjusted sound power level: not more than 95 dBA;
  • Dry weight: 55 kg;
  • Overall dimensions: 620x625x520 cm.
  • PRICE 2000$

RSS rail drilling machine from the manufacturer

In Russia, RSS machines are produced by Kubanzheldormash JSC. We produce various construction and railway equipment for more than 70 years: a really impressive period. Throughout this time, we had used the latest modern technologies, striving for highest quality of our products. That’s why the enterprise has survived for such a long time for a production facility, and there was an unique experience gained whiсh we now apply in our new designs.

We manufacture complete rail drilling machines in our shops without involving external contractors. This allows us to avoid the extra cost of logistics and transportation, so we can offer you the best prices for such high-tech equipment.

To order RSS rail drilling machine or product catalog of Kubanzheldormash, please contact Sales Department on phone:
+ 7 (988) 652-53-78 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) or send an official request by e-mail: info@zheldormash.com