Railroad track tools

Kubanzheldormash Co produce railway tools for the current maintenance of the track of all kinds — mechanical, autonomous, measuring, hydraulic and electric, vibration and shock. Our company carries out both complex deliveries of railway and track tools in the territory of the Russian Federation (RF), and the supply of original spare parts for track tools. An equally important component of our work is export deliveries of track tools for railways. The term “Track tool” usually means the simplest bench and trench tools, accessories and various small mechanized machines with different types of drive. The track tool is used in railway transport for the repair, maintenance or construction of new railway tracks. All railway track tools can be divided into several types — stand-alone track tools with a gasoline or diesel engine, hydraulic track tools, power tools, manual or mechanical tools for the way, pneumatic tools. Our company produces a full range of track tools for railway maintenance. Kubanzheldormash is a recognized expert in the manufacture and production of track tools. The list of our products includes a huge assortment of a wide variety of tools for track maintenance. Our main buyers of track tools are railways in Russia, India, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Latin America; seaports with their own railways; mining, enrichment enterprises, mining and processing enterprises, mines, metallurgical combines and factories, large enterprises of the processing industries with a large network of their own access roads; subsidiaries (Gorelektrotransport, Goravtotrans, Gortrans and so on); the metro and enterprises that serve underground tracks; thermal power plants; industrial enterprises.

Using a track tool, you can carry out a large list of works when servicing and maintaining the railway track: we produce ergonomic ones for tamping sleepers and productive electric tamper.

  • electric vibration tampering allows locally sealing the ballast under the sleepers using the forces of one team of trackers, which saves time and money;
  • for screwing and unscrewing the nuts of bolts for rail fastenings, we produce several models of track keys with independent and electric drive;
  • for twisting and unscrewing of track screws we produce two powerful screwdrivers — lightweight portable and heavy-duty universal, high-performance track wrenches are the hallmark.

Drilling holes in rails is an important operation for maintaining the track, RCC Kuban rail boring machines with automatic drill feed have been the standard of reliability and quality for many years on the railway market; for the manual drilling of crutches in the field and at pick-and-place bases, our company produces a compact electro-pneumatic crutch, which allows you to quickly drive crutches into wooden sleepers; for grinding crosses and wits of turnouts, as well as to remove moreover layers of logs we produce heavy rail-grinding machine on a wheeled chassis (truck).

This unique machine for grinding turnouts is equipped with an internal combustion engine and a cutting grinding wheel. For local grinding of the rolling surface of the weld-on ends of the rail, we manufacture manual electric rail grinders, where the abrasive wheel is connected directly to the rotor of the electric motor. The main advantages of manual grinding machines for rails are mobility, compactness and simplicity; to raise the rail-sleeper grid, our factory produces a wide range of track jacks with a lifting capacity of 10 to 20 tons and a lifting height of 50 to 200 mm. Hydraulic tracking jacks Kubanzheldormash Co allow lifting and signboard of the rail-sleeper lattice during knocking down sleepers in the shortest possible time; for leveling the track, Kubanzheldormash Co produces manual hydraulic leveling devices GR-12M and GR-16, as well as a modern motor hydraulic leveling device for the RGU-path 4 (RSU-1, RSU1M). Over the past 20 years, the Kuban track straighteners have become an integral tool of each track part (FC), each directorate for track repair (DRP). Today, trackers require the track tool to work as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to fit into the allocated time intervals. And the Kubanzheldormash straighteners allow you to do this, they shift and straighten the track powerfully, efficiently and efficiently; to move the lattice or entire lashes we produce powerful hydraulic tensioners, which are known worldwide for their unrivalled power and reliability; for screwing and unscrewing rail nuts We have developed and produce a fastener for manual fasteners, which is unpretentious and easy to operate. For small amounts of work, a manual screwdriver for railroad workers is the optimal solution. For large volumes of work on tightening and unscrewing terminal nuts, butt and embedded bolts, Kubanzheldormash Co produces a large assortment of autonomous and electric impact and impact-pulse mechanized track keys.

Our gasoline portable and heavy-duty universal wrenches and track wrenches successfully compete with their European counterparts in the global railway market. To accelerate rail gaps, we manufacture high-quality hydraulic rail rails that use reliable hardened wedges. Manual hydraulic track rails or hydraulic rails of gaps (joints) between rails allow adjusting locally and quickly in rail joints. To unscrew and twist track screws we produce a powerful two-speed electric screwdriver.

These are:

  • 50 years of success on the railways of the whole world;
  • a full production cycle, a powerful production base;
  • high professionalism of sales staff (marketing), who will always help to choose the right mods ate tools; unrivalled reliability and ease of use;
  • a full range of track tools, from the MODERON TO-1 single rail trolley to heavy screwdrivers; the constant availability of the entire range of track tools at low prices and spare parts for it;
  • warranty and post-warranty service; original spare parts within 3 business days; the best low prices for track tools from the manufacturer;
  • shipping products to anywhere in the world, prompt calculation of the railway tariff, search for the best action schemes for delivery of track tools to your warehouse, operational delivery track tools to small luggage, containers, wagons, own transport.

Pickup is possible. You can order or buy a track tool at any time convenient for you, for this it is enough to contact the marketing department.