Heavy duty coachscrewing machine KPM

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The 2-speed grounding screwdriver (wrench) KPM is a reliable and compact railway tool, it is designed specifically for tightening and unscrewing the threaded elements of rail fasteners. Wrench KPM has high performance with intensive use during the laying and removal of both railway and tram tracks.

KPM is installed on a special transborder trolley that allows you to quickly move it from one rail to another with reliable fixation of the wrench in the working position. KPM wrench can be quickly removed and installed on a trolley in special grooves. The trolley and wrench can be transported and transported separately, respectively, reducing the burden on personnel. For transportation of the wrench, fixation is provided in the middle position, which allows service personnel to move in the middle of the way on a flat surface of the sleepers. It is possible to change the balance of the wrench according to the requirements of the staff. Among the track wrenches, the motor track wrench has a mass significantly less than its counterparts. A frame is installed around the engine, which performs the function of protecting it from mechanical influences and allowing it to be used in the process of carrying and placing the KPM in the operating position. Sufficient torque allows you to effectively loosen and tighten even difficult nuts. The key motor is equipped with an internal combustion engine Honda GX-270S, has a low and high gear.

PRICE 7000$

2-speed grounding screwdriver KPM

This powerful high-performance rail screwdriver manufactured by Kubanzheldormash has the following advantages:

– The 4-roller transborder cart allows the operator to easily move the machine alone and without stopping the engine;

– Two rotational speeds for working in a vertical plane, depending on the required torque; the speed is selected by a manual switch (low speed for high torque, high speed for higher performance);

– Adjustable torque limiter acting on the clutch and providing control of the torque.

Technical characteristics of screwdriver:

Specifications Value
Maximum torque, N · m (high-speed transmission) 300
Maximum torque, N · m (low-speed transmission) 1000
Nominal spindle speed, min-1(high-speed transmission) 190
Nominal spindle speed, min-1 (low-speed transmission) 70
Overall dimensions of the machine without trolley, mm, no more

— Length, Width, Height

2040, 590, 870
Weight (without oil and trolley), kg, not more 90
Trolley weight with brake, kg, not more 48
Type of engine Honda GXV57
Engine power, kW 7
Sound power level, dBA, not more 95

Coachscrewing machne KPM by JSC «Kubanzheldormash»

Since 1933, the company Kubanzheldormash constantly makes efforts to develop projects and improve their products to ensure the best quality and reliability, which are so necessary in the field of railway transport.

This portable tamping machine, completely from development to dispatch from a warehouse, is made in Russia and is the object of careful and constant monitoring of services. The wrench was assembled by highly qualified specialists, tested and debugged at all stages of production.

We are absolutely convinced that you will be satisfied with the work of this machine and will be available for additional information on its use and maintenance.

To order coachscrewing machne KPM, please contact Sales Department on phone:
+ 7 (988) 652-53-78 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) or send an official request by e-mail: info@zheldormash.com