Manual gantry crane KR-2M

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Manual gantry crane KR-2M

    Manual gantry crane KR-2M is designed for lifting and moving loads along railway tracks. Gantry crane KR-2M is a compact and reliable lifting device, which allows to clamp rails and transport them along railways. The most modern modification of gantry track crane — KR-2M is intended for any kind of rail types during track works.

    AO «Kubanzheldormash» manufactures railway machinery and various small tools which not only reduce track maintenance costs, but also considerably facilitate the work of trackmen. Our gantry crane passed a long constructive way and has undergone many changes — KR, KR-1, KR-1M, KR-2, KR-2M, each new model was more advanced, safer and more ergonomic, more powerful than the previous one and has taken into account opinions of many trackmen.

    Manual gantry crane KR-2M today is an indispensable lifting mechanism during track maintenance of Russian Railways.  Reliable and inexpensive rail lifting crane KR-2M is designed for replacement and transportation of all kind of rails including the most famous ones R50, R65, R75. We produce mobile gantry cranes as for railways with a gauge of 1520 mm as well as for railways with «narrow» European gauge 1435.

    Trackmen use rail lifter KR-2M during the replacement of worn rails with new ones; mobile, gantry cranes KR-2M are equipped with insulating wheels which allow not to violate the light signaling of semaphores, automatic lock signals during trackworks and quickly transport rails along the railway, facilitate the work of trackmen, saving time and money.

    Small rail gantry cranes are mostly used for small local work maintenance, which consists of replacement of 2 rails. Besides gantry cranes in such kind of works is also used many mechanized track tools and small machinery. During the construction of a new way or overhaul reconstruction of old railway tracks, trackmen use self-propelled heavy track machines, autonomous railway cranes which differ by their productivity and of course high costs. That is why economically profitable cranes KR-2 will always be an integral part of trackmen teams during current maintenance of all the types of rails.

Application of gantry crane KR-2M 

    Gantry crane KR-2M is designed for lifting and moving rails on the railway gauge with the width of 1435 up to 1520 mm during the current maintenance, overhaul renovation and replacement. Standardly during track works, the gantry crane is operated by two persons.

    If the length of a rail is up to 12, 5 meters, as a rule, one gantry crane is enough, but in case of a replacement of a rail more than 12,5 meters it is recommended to use 2 manual gantry cranes. The practice shows that the working load lifting set consists of two cranes KR-2M, which provides operational and inexpensive way of doing track works without the involvement of a heavy track equipment. Thus, the use of gantry cranes KR-2 and KR-2M allows trackmen heavily reduce the cost of repairing local railways.

    At the place of local works, the crane is being transported on rails.

Design features of manual gantry crane KR-2M

  Mobile rail lifter KR-2 consists of powerful metallic frame and lifting device. On the upper beam of the frame which is located above the rails, is moving the carriage which consists of a lifting device, chain and reducer. At the end of the chain is located rail capturing device — «claw», which cling to the rail and hold it firmly. With the help of a reducer, the rail is being lifted at the necessary height, for moving rails inside the frame is installed the handle of cross movement and further the rail is being transported at the necessary distance.

кран ручной козловой КР-2М

    Main features of the manual gantry crane are reducer which is out of the  operating zone and breaking device, which reliably fixes movements of the carriage and special support which allows conducting works out of the rail gauge  This all allows excluding accidents and falling of loads. It is also important that during the production of gantry cranes we are using electro isolation of the crane frame wheels, which excludes any possibility of interference of automatic railway track blocking signals.

Benefits of manual gantry crane KR-2M

  • Perfect quality and durability of a frame and all mechanisms
  • The best prices for cranes
  • Technological and manufacturing capabilities allow producing up to 500 cranes per month
  • 100% warranty and post-warranty service
  • Delivery of spare parts in any point of the world
  • Rigid and reliable frame
  • Stable operation in temperatures from -40 to +50 degrees Celsius
  • Maximum safety during operation
  • Easy handling
  • Pull out extra support
  • Always in stock
  • Low prices from the manufacturer

Technical specifications of manual gantry crane KR-2M

Parameter name


Nominal lifting capacity of one crane, N (kg) 9810 (1 000)
The height of the rail lifting, mm 400
The size of transverse movement of the crane carriage, mm 1080
The amount of effort during lifting of loads, kg 1000
At the reducer handle, N (kg) 196,2 (20)
At the handle of the carriage drive, N (kg) 245,2 (25)
Of the movement of each crane along the way, N (kg) 343,3 (35)
Weight, kg 100
Overall dimensions, mm 1920 х 810 х 870

Technical details are for information only

crane KR-2M

1- frame; 2- wheel; 3- reducer; 4- clamp; 5- carriage; 6- handle; 7-  transverse motion handle; 8- fixator

    We invested a lot of means in the technical upgrade of the crane construction, brought in a lot of changes with consideration for wishes and remarks of employees of railways.



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